Watch London Blockchain Conference Day 3 live

Watch London Blockchain Conference Day 3 live


After two action-packed days focusing on blockchain tools beyond the hype, the London Blockchain Conference ends with a bang. On Day 3, the focus will be on the biggest emerging technologies in the world and how BSV Blockchain can elevate them, from artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse to Web3 and the Internet of Things (IoT), and you can live stream it all as it unfolds in the comfort of your own home of your home.

Dr. Craig Wright will take to the business stage to talk about improving business efficiency and cutting costs. He will dive into how companies can leverage blockchain for inventory management in the final session of the day.

AI is also on the line-up, with IPv6 Forum’s Latif Ladid, SNGLR Group and my2cent’s founder Maximilian Korkmaz shedding light on how blockchain can anchor this new technology. Global giants such as Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL ), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN ) and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL ) are all engaged in an AI arms race amid concerns about data privacy, security, access and storage. The panel, which will also include big data startup Over-C founder Michael Elliott, will talk about how all of these concerns can be addressed with blockchain.

The metaverse has also become one of the hottest new technologies, and Transmira’s Robert Rice will talk about how it can transform government and enterprise applications. Rice is a global leader in the field, with the company’s Omniscape XR (a phrase Rice coined) platform showing what is possible on the BSV-anchored metaverse.

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Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) have become the biggest trend in the financial sector, with over 100 countries (representing 95% of global GDP) exploring digital currencies. Tokenized CEO James Belding will help attendees understand this new development along with Kumaraguru Ramanujam, the founder of Intrasettle, a CBDC cross-border payment infrastructure.

Can BSV blockchain applications be interoperable and reduce the need to have a different app for each separate function? This is the debate that Centbee’s Angus Brown, TonicPow’s Luke Rohenaz, DotWallet’s Lin Zheming and others will engage in on the tech stage.

Addressing the environmental concerns of Web3, enterprise adoption, on-chain supply chains, Bitcoin education and data loss prevention through Merkle Trees will also feature on Day 3. On the technical stage, participants will participate in a code-along session to build their first BSV app and smart contract.

With all these and much more in store, you simply cannot afford to miss Day 3 of the London Blockchain Conference. Live stream the event for free on Hopin here.

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