Showcasing 12 distinctive global digital artists at the Louvre Palace

Showcasing 12 distinctive global digital artists at the Louvre Palace

On Wednesday June 14 and Thursday June 15, 2023, Proof of Talk will take over the first floor of the Musee des Art Decoratifs in Paris, with a two-day program dedicated to presenting the brilliant voices of the Web3 ecosystem and promoting exchange between them and the public. The program includes the exhibition “At first glance — À première vue”, which shows the work of twelve of the most skilled artists working with the digital medium.

The exclusive Web3 Summit will bring together over 85 industry leaders to find concrete ways to restore trust in the Web3 industry in collaboration with thought leaders, CEOs, founders, influencers, legal experts and regulatory authorities. Unlike the regular Web3 summits, which are often so crowded that energies and resources are dispersed, Proof of Talk is limited to less than 1,000 participants. Along with promoting quality conversations and networking among the participants, the event also aims to arouse interest in the new trends in digital art, which are not only showcased, but also presented within a curatorial framework.

In today’s digital age, with the rise of smartphones, social media and instant gratification, we are constantly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information from various sources. This limitless influx of information can sometimes make it difficult to allocate time and attention to art, especially to art that requires a slower and more contemplative approach to be fully appreciated and understood. Also, at events where the main focus is not art, the tendency is to flick through the exhibited pieces with a quick and often distracted glance.

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Curated by Luisa Ausenda, founder of Studio Leggero, “At first glance — À première vue” is an exhibition that stands out as a comprehensive and thought-provoking digital art experience that demands audiovisual engagement. This show encourages Proof of Talk participants to deepen their viewing experience by going beyond what they see at first glance to take in the works’ full value and scope. Each artwork on display at this stunning location in the heart of Paris is either deeply conceptual, dealing with topics such as gender, equality and speculation, or remarkably innovative technically.

The twelve artists featured in this show (Addie Wagenknecht, Andrea Bonaceto, Andrés Reisinger, Auriea Harvey, Benoit Challand, Hermine Bourdin, Rafaël Rozendaal, Sarah Meyohas, Skygolpe, Sofia Crespo, Trevor Jones and Wonderkatzi) make profound statements through their work and use the blockchain and new technologies in such an inventive way that they are among the first in their medium to do so.

Digital art encompasses a wide range of media and formats, including virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, generative art, programmable art, recombinant art and more. Most of the latter are shown in “At first glance — À première vue”, thus challenging the attention span of the viewer, who is stimulated to understand the processes that take place in the creation of the works of art. Following the inspiration that Proof of Talk triggered – that is, to create an event where the conversations and exchanges that take place inside and outside the program are meaningful and fruitful – “At first glance — À première vue” also seeks to activate significant dialogues and reflections. These interactions will focus on the artworks on display, as well as on the blockchain, which serves as the ultimate creativity booster for many of the featured artists.

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About Proof of Talk

Proof of Talk is Web3’s most exclusive, prestigious and C-suite attended summit, scheduled to take place on June 14 and 15, 2023 at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France. The summit boasts an impressive audience, with 90% made up of decision makers – the highest attendance rate for senior executives at a Web3 event in Europe. Over 85 industry leaders are scheduled to speak at this ground-breaking two-day event. The summit focuses on restoring trust in the Web3 industry through open discussions and collaboration between thought leaders, CEOs, founders, influencers, legal experts and regulatory authorities. The first day, entitled “Bringing trust back into Web3”, will feature forums and panels on shaping the industry’s future with integrity and trust. The second day brings together promising Web3 startups and renowned investors to ignite creativity and collaboration. Proof of Talk is organized by the German-based investment fund X Ventures, which is dedicated to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs in the Web3 industry.

Tickets are available online now. Send an email for media-related enquiries.




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