Tokenization also allows for the secure and efficient transfer of value on a worldwide scale. Due to its immutability and decentralized nature, blockchain technology can be relied upon to accurately and transparently record and verify transactions. This eliminates the need for intermediaries in international transactions, making them faster, cheaper and more secure.

In addition, tokenization expands both market liquidity and accessibility. Tokenizing assets and making them freely tradable on blockchain networks frees investors from the shackles of centralized exchanges. As a result, liquidity can be improved, transaction times can be shortened and transaction costs can fall.

The capacity to implement smart contracts is a significant advantage of using blockchain technology to generate value-backed digital goods. These contracts do not require any additional parties to execute their terms and conditions. This can make it less likely that someone will try to steal your money, reduce transaction costs and speed up transactions.

Tokenization and blockchain technology provide more benefits for companies that need to generate, control and move money around the world. As tokenization allows for shared ownership, global transactions, liquidity and market access, it can greatly change the way we handle and send value.

What is Tiamonds?

Tiamond’s an asset-backed NFT, is one such example of tokenization. Tiamonds makes tokenization known and accessible through three main tactics:

– Showcase the capabilities of tokenized assets

– Gamify functions by tokenization to educate and inform

– The community’s first token economy, sustainable and fair launch

Tiamonds is a project of LCX with the goal of showcasing the possibilities of tokenized assets, educating consumers about tokenization through gamification, and creating a community-driven token economy. LCX is a regulated fintech company, registered as a compliant, trusted technology service provider, and conducts the token offering in accordance with the innovative Liechtenstein blockchain laws.

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LCX has also received regulatory approval as a Physical validator for asset tokenization. As a physical validator, LCX will be responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of the tokenized assets on the blockchain. This involves verifying the authenticity of the underlying assets and the physical custody of the assets in the real world.

The Tiamonds project includes two key elements: tokenized diamonds called Tiamonds and a deflationary cryptocurrency called The TIA token.

Tiamonds are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent the ownership rights of real diamonds. A diamond is the hardest material on earth, and has long been recognized for its beauty as a gemstone. Each Tiamond receives TIA tokens as a reward over time through the “Own to Earn” model.

To buy Tiamonds, users must be verified on the LCX Exchange. They can simply go to Tiamond’s Marketplace and explore the resources available to sale.

TIA Tokens is a community driven, fair launch DeFi Token connected to Tiamonds. TIA tokens are a deflationary cryptocurrency with three simple functions that occur during every transaction: Reflection, Rebalancing and Burn.

The TIA token enables a community first approach and a vibrant, diverse and dedicated one management system, who will actively lead the Tiamonds project into the future. Tiamonds embraces a community-driven governance framework. Steering contributions and voting will focus on aspects for future tokenization and Tiamond releases to expand and develop the broader LCX ecosystem.

LCX believes in the potential of tokenization, but we also see the barriers that need to be overcome to fully embrace blockchain technology for asset digitization.

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