NFTFN unveils new brand identity, ushers in a new era for NFT finance

NFTFN unveils new brand identity, ushers in a new era for NFT finance

NFTFN unveils new brand identity, ushers in a new era for NFT finance

New Delhi, May 2023 – NFT pioneer,, has proudly announced its rebranding as NFTFN, a name in line with its mission to revolutionize the NFT financial market. The strategic rebrand emphasizes NFTFN’s commitment to the financialization of blue-chip NFT projects and its intention to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the rapidly growing NFT finance market.

“NFTFN is a fresh and concise name that perfectly reflects our focus and mission. We are committed to offering comprehensive financial products and services built around blue-chip NFTs. Rebranding signals that we are ready to fully exploit the potential of these the digital assets, says Abhishek Gupta, co-founder., now NFTFN, has been a pioneer in creating financial products tailored for blue-chip NFTs, successfully addressing issues such as low liquidity, limited secondary markets and high barriers to entry. By making exposure to blue-chip NFTs more accessible, the company has cemented its position as a key player in the industry.

The emergence of NFT-Finance (NFT-Fi) provided a unique opportunity for the company. Recognizing the enormous potential, NFTFN has strategically rebranded to better represent its commitment to this exciting advancement in the industry.

“NFT-Fi is developing rapidly, and we are right at the forefront. We are extremely excited about the value we can generate through our product line. Our mission is to make NFTs accessible and beneficial to everyone,” the spokesperson added.

Under the new brand, NFTFN is taking a significant step in shaping the future of the NFT market. The company recently announced its first NFT-Fi product, SuperNova (SNV), the world’s first order book-based NFT Perpetual DEX. The decentralized exchange will enable users to go long or short on a diversified basket of blue-chip NFTs, generating exciting investment opportunities and promoting value creation within the NFT space.

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The recent test web launch of SuperNova saw over 2,300 new users, more than 650 traders open positions and over 2,200 trades with a total trading volume of 57,949.31 SNV.

In another milestone announcement, NFTFN revealed that the launch of its product, SuperNova, would take place on the Polygon Mainnet, promising a seamless and efficient experience for users.

Looking ahead, NFTFN’s vision remains unwaveringly focused on the continued expansion of the spectrum of financial services, cementing its position as a leader in the NFT-Fi space. Driven to unleash the true potential of NFTs, the company is poised to navigate the promising future of the industry, guided by the belief that “All Roads Lead to NFTs”.

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