NFT Collection and LADYS Token explained

NFT Collection and LADYS Token explained

NFT Collection and LADYS Token explained

We will explore the Milady meme coin and the NFT collection associated with the LADYS token

A 1000x increase occurred for the Milady meme currency a few days after its introduction. Thanks to on-chain data, traders were able to profit from this significant price increase. Although the LADYS token from the Milady project went on such a bang, we can observe another upward price movement. One of the reasons for this is that recently titans like Elon Musk have been tweeting about the Milady Maker NFT collection, which appears to be linked to the Milady meme coin. But are they connected? In addition to thoroughly examining the Milady cryptocurrency project, it is one of the issues we will explore further in this article.

One of the latest initiatives to experience a price increase during the current meme coin season is the Milady meme coin. Use the interactive widget above to learn more about the LADYS token and determine if it is still a suitable investment. Here you can see the Milady meme coin’s most crucial information about the chain, as well as other information.

As soon as it gained some traction, it appeared first in a dynamic list for all types of searches. Casual traders were therefore able to grab their bags with LADYS to make the most of the aforementioned large increase thanks to their great insight.

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Some of them even made the connection and predicted that the Milady NFTs will also pump. As a result, they also received their Milady NFT.

Exploring the Milady Crypto Project

In this essay, we will review two Milady cryptocurrency projects: the Milady Maker NFT collection and the Milady meme coin (also known as the LADYS token). A meme coin of the same name entered the crypto realm on May 7, 2023, after the Milady Maker NFT collection went online in August 2021.

The information you need to decide whether or not you find these initiatives exciting is provided in the following sections. As a result, we will go over the basics of both the Milady NFT collection and the Milady meme currency.

What is Milady Meme Coin and LADYS Token?

Milady followers have introduced a brand new ERC-20 token called the Milady meme currency. The word “LADYS” has been trending on Twitter for the past few days. The popularity of the token is also evident on the charts, as the price of the LADYS token is still 300 times above its launch day low.

LADYS is anonymous, much like many other new tokens released in the 2023 meme coin season. The creators of the meme coin do not have a structured team. As a result, the Milady meme currency has a unique website and social media accounts.

You can read “poetic” details about the token on the website, including how Miladys need it in these days of unchecked memetic power. Links to the project’s social media accounts and token pages on well-known crypto explorers can also be found on this website. The website also offers direct connections to trading pairs on Uniswap and several CEXs that have previously listed LADYS.

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The tokenomics of this meme currency begins with a massive total supply of more than 888 trillion, which is quite normal for a meme coin. However, the liquidity pool received the majority of the offer.

You can also sign up to get part of the LADYS airdrop via Milady meme coin’s official website. The PEPE token and Milady NFT holders will each receive one percent of the total supply of this token.

Nevertheless, the Milady project also has a fairly “clear” roadmap, much like many other meme currencies. These road diagrams are not to be taken seriously.

What is Milady NFT Collection by Milady Maker?

10,000 profile picture (PFP) NFTs with a neo-chibi look are part of the Milady NFT collection. Since August 2021, the collection has been offered on OpenSea’s second-hand market. A project of the Remilia Collection, it features designs by Charlotte Fang and artwork by Milady Sonora Sprite. The “Milady” trend was influenced by Y2K Japanese fashion subcultures.

As already mentioned, Milady Maker has a website where you can learn everything there is to know about the Milady NFT collection. Additionally, you can find out more information here about some exciting lifestyle opportunities and benefits that the Milady community supports and extends to Milady NFT owners.

Connection between the Meme coin and the NFT collection

The token was developed for the Milady community, according to the official Milady meme coin page. Furthermore, Milady NFT holders are only eligible for a portion of the first LADYS airdrop. Therefore, there is a clear relationship between the two crypto assets. However, the page does not link to the same social media.

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Furthermore, it is made clear on the side of the meme coin that LADYS is not affiliated with Charlotte Fand or her work Milady Maker. The site goes on to say that the meme currency only honors the NFT collection, which is popular and well known.

Unlike the Milady NFT collection, which has a formal team and roadmap, the Milady meme currency has neither. After all, the currency is totally worthless and is purely for enjoyment, according to the LADYS website.

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