Lost Archive +: A new P2E NFT game launching on PlayMining this spring

Lost Archive +: A new P2E NFT game launching on PlayMining this spring

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA), a Web3 entertainment company, has announced the launch of Lost Archive +, a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT game on the PlayMining GameFi platform. The game, which combines deck building with strategic placement on a game board, is due to launch at the end of May.

A pre-sale for the Lost Archive + NFT Collection will begin in late April on the PlayMining NFT Marketplace.

Lost Archive + will join PlayMining’s growing catalog of P2E games, including Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer and Lucky Farmer.

The games allow players to earn PlayMining’s DEAPcoin ($DEP) through gameplay, which can be used to purchase NFTs and traded on popular exchanges such as OKX, Gate.io, Uniswap, Bitmart and Bitrue.

The game features collectable NFT cards that reflect a game setting that interweaves sword and sorcery with technology across three separate and distinct superpowers: Ardbeg, Kalila and Port Ellen. Players use these cards to battle other players or NPCs in story mode.

By incorporating NFTs into a battle deck, players can earn more DEP by increasing both stamina and battle points gained.

Lost Archive + was developed by Clover Lab, Inc., a Japanese game studio that has been building successful games since 2009. By launching Lost Archive + on the PlayMining GameFi platform, Clover Lab is able to claim most of the value their game creates, including royalties from NFTs sold on the PlayMining NFT- the marketplace.

The DEA mentioned in a press release shared with AlexaBlockchain that the gaming company is committed to fighting for “GameFi-for-Good” to have a social impact. The company said it is keen to partner with experienced game developers to launch on its platform, giving third-party game developers a leg up by providing a fair and transparent platform that offers internal IP monetization options.

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“We are strongly committed to building value for our platform and ensuring that Lost Archive + will be a hit with our PlayMining community of over 2.7 million people,” said PlayMining co-founder and co-CEO Kozo Yamada.

Resonating with the social impact motto, DEA recently merged with Greenway Grid Global to create a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that rewards players for inspecting physical infrastructure in their cities. Players will receive P2E tokens to make real-life social contributions while having fun playing the video game.

Lost Archive + is expected to be a popular addition to the growing P2E gaming market, and it is hoped that it will help make a social impact through the company’s GameFi-for-Good initiative.

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