Leancoin Announces 2023-2024 White Paper and Migration to Solana Blockchain

Leancoin Announces 2023-2024 White Paper and Migration to Solana Blockchain


Tallinn, Estonia–(Newsfile Corp. – Jun 10, 2023) – Leancoin (LEAN) announces a newly published updated White Paper targeting 2023-2024. One of the most significant changes in LEAN is the name change from Lean Management Token (LEAN) to Leancoin (LEAN) and migration to the Solana blockchain. This change reflects our desire to expand the use of Leancoin (LEAN) beyond just management activities and into the fields of ecology, VR/AR, AI, Consulting, NFT technology and Web3. As part of this rebranding, the visual identity, logo and website for Leancoin were also updated.

The new white paper highlights the updated strategic direction for Leancoin, as well as new strategic directions, such as ecology and NFT technology. Together with the Lean Community, Lean Global Consulting and the Become Leancoin Adopter program, Leancoin (LEAN) has created the Leancoin Ecosystem, a comprehensive approach that combines business, non-profit activities and blockchain technology. The goal of the team is to build strategic partnerships, known as the Leancoin Alliance. This innovative approach to partnership allows for the sharing of ecosystems – Cross Ecosystems. These partnerships will make Leancoin (LEAN) a leading currency not only in the Leancoin ecosystem, but also in other ecosystems.

White paper from LEANCOIN

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Change of name at LEAN

The main change is related to the new name. Lean Management Token (LEAN) is replaced by Leancoin (LEAN). There are few reasons behind it:

  • Rebranding: A new name will better match the project’s updated mission or goals, and better reflect its current status and future plans.

  • Create a stronger brand identity: A unique and memorable name will help LEAN stand out in a crowded market and make it more recognizable to potential investors and users.

  • Improving marketing and advertising efforts: A new name will make it easier to create a coherent brand message and marketing strategy, and can also provide a new angle to promote the project.

  • Increasing appeal to a wider audience: A new name will better appeal to a different demographic or target market, thereby increasing the potential user base and adoption rate.

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Switch to the Solana blockchain

The Lean Management Token runs on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Migration of LEAN to Solana – Leancoin – is carried out because Solana meets the following conditions:

  • A neutral impact on the environment

  • Low transaction costs on the blockchain

  • The openness of the target’s new blockchain to support NFT technology for the Leancoin Ecosystem

Leancoin ecosystem

The Leancoin Ecosystem is the main hub of the Leancoin (LEAN) utility. All platforms that support ecosystem should provide a benefit area for Leancoin (LEAN). The Leancoin Ecosystem is based on:

  • Non-profit projects related to building networks, establishing partnerships, participation in international projects, imparting education in waste elimination and promoting ecology;

  • Web3 stores development and business projects related to the generation of income from consulting services, IT, sales of VR software, subscription to services offered in the Leancoin Ecosystem, services in creating business procedures, etc.

Non-profit activities are managed by Lean Community, while business activities are managed by Lean Global Consulting. Leancoin (LEAN) is the binding element of the Leancoin ecosystem thanks to the Become Leancoin Adopter program.

Strategic directions for the Leancoin Ecosystem

In its strategy to date, Leancoin Ecosystem has focused on networking with people and companies from the manufacturing industry. As a result, consulting services and IT services from the Leancoin Ecosystem can go directly to contracted business partners. Part of the funds from the income from the sale of consultancy services and IT services was transferred for buyback purposes. All LEAN purchased in this way were transferred to burning according to the Burning Wallet rules. As a result of the combustion, the maximum supply for LEAN was reduced.

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The aspects of the Leancoin Ecosystem that relate to management are an important part of the strategy, but the team has decided to set new strategic directions. For now, we see LEAN as a resource that supports activities related to waste reduction. These activities may relate to management, as well as lifestyle or environment. The direction of future activities, specified in this way, makes LEAN much more widespread. New main areas such as LEAN will be used: Ecology, VR/AR, AI, Consulting, NFT and Web3.

About Leancoin (LEAN)

LEAN was created in 2021 under the name Lean Management Token as part of the Lean Community project. The LEAN concept was originally developed by over a dozen Lean Management professionals from countries such as: England, Wales, Brazil, USA, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Netherlands and Spain. Currently, LEAN operates under the name Leancoin (LEAN) and is focused on developing the Leancoin Ecosystem as well as joining different ecosystems as part of the Cross Ecosystem strategy.

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Person: Dr Bartosz Misiurek
Leancoin: [email protected]

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