Jimizz Marketplace opens its doors!

Jimizz Marketplace opens its doors!

The marketplace features exclusive collections, including NFTs inspired by the iconic statuettes of cult porn magazine Hot Video.

The naughty token launched by the French-speaking leader of the adult world takes another step in its development with the long-awaited release of the marketplace.

After the implementation of JMZ as a means of payment on all the sites of the J&M galaxy, the project listed in September 2022 presents its new feature: a marketplace of exclusive, unusual and spicy NFT that will not fail to arouse the interest of the community.

Statuette and scratch card

For this first release, Jimizz decided to offer three distinct collections, in addition to items signed by iconic models from the adult world.

Hot Video magazine, a pornographic cult publication, is thus honored with eleven NFTs with their emblematic statuettes, revisited to bring this glossy paper monument into the Web3 era. The lucky buyers of these artworks will also receive a lifetime subscription to Hot Video.

Continuing to pay tribute to the magazine that will celebrate its 34th anniversary this year, the second collection of the Jimizz marketplace is a tribute to a commercial enterprise that had been much talked about at the time of its publication.

Hot Video had actually proposed on its pages a scratch card that spread the intimate scents of a famous actress, recreated by a company specialized in chemistry from a sample. Jimizz decided to repeat the operation by releasing a new edition of these tickets, with several models in the spotlight.

Conquest of space

Last but not least: The room objects. To accompany the launch of its currency, the company had sent several objects into space by the end of 2021. These unique objects, still covered in sky dust, will be available in the marketplace as soon as they are launched, and will thus be able to boast owning items that have gone to seventh heaven, such as a pair of lace panties, a vibrating duck, a DVD of the movie La Casa De Michel and a Jimizz record.

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Beyond these three premium collections, the Jimizz teams reached out to a selection of emblematic models to propose building their own NFTs. A trial run before the second version of the platform, which will allow all designers who want to sell their NFTs.

After an alleged discretion in recent months, forced by the moroseness of the market, the project run by Jacquie & Michel launches a new feature that continues to install it in Web3 and proves its determination to maintain its investment in this market.

Click here to visit the Jimizz Marketplace

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