Humans.AI Launches Blockchain Innovation for Safe AI Management

Humans.AI Launches Blockchain Innovation for Safe AI Management

[gpt3]rewrite, leading provider of blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its long-awaited blockchain of AIs. The world’s first blockchain platform is an ecosystem where artificial intelligence can be easily scaled and managed within an unprecedented framework of ethics and transparency.

“We are convinced that blockchain provides the ideal framework for ethical AI,” said Sabin Dima, founder and CEO of “Our platform encompasses scalability, security and decentralization – essential properties that enable AI systems to make fair and transparent decisions. By leveraging the power of blockchain, we ensure that AI applications are held accountable, auditable and transparent, while operating within the the ethical and legal boundaries. Our ground-breaking solution effectively eliminates prevailing concerns around AI development and innovation,” added Dima.

“Designed to be scalable, secure and primed to meet the growing demands of the AI ​​ecosystem, our mainnet is primed for optimal performance. We eagerly await its live debut and look forward to invaluable feedback from our experienced validators.” Dima explained.

By embracing the power of Web3,’s revolutionary blockchain is poised to reshape the landscape of AI execution, deployment and governance, setting the stage for an unprecedented creator economy where developers have the ability to truly own and monetize their digital assets .

Humans Blockchain of AIs acts as a transformative ecosystem, empowering AI projects while ensuring transparent ethical standards. For AI researchers and developers, Blockchain for AIs also serves as a dynamic launch pad, bridging AI projects and real-world applications that empower and improve the lives of individuals and solve real-world problems. With the added benefits of traceability, transparency and advanced data security, this blockchain ushers in an era of accelerated monetization, enabling a thriving market for the purchase and use of innovative AIs. By implementing ground-breaking governance rules, aims to solve the ethical dilemmas surrounding artificial intelligence.

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Blockchain of AIs is’s answer to the ethical dilemma that artificial intelligence is currently facing – using a proof-of-human mechanism – and at the same time represents a path towards the creation of the decentralized AI economy.


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