Epic Games’ bold move: 20 NFT games on board

Epic Games’ bold move: 20 NFT games on board

Epic Games already has 5 game titles in its portfolio. Now CEO Steve Allison has announced that Epic Games will soon launch 20 more NFT games for the gaming community to indulge in the best blockchain gaming experience.

Called a bold move the launch of 20 NFT gaming titles is a bold move towards integrating blockchain technology with the gaming industry. The development is being teased to be successful as it rides on a successful history, thanks to Rocket League and Fortnite.

The launch of 20 additional NFT games, or rather the addition of 20 NFT games to their existing portfolio, signifies the commitment of the gaming venture to shape the future of the gaming world. It will allow the community to better realize the power of blockchain technology while experiencing the amazing results achieved by five of their games in the current series.

Adding 20 more NFT games to the list helps Epic Games set the stage for the future of blockchain technology and NFT in general. After the launch of 20 games, the gaming community can expect more titles to debut on the platform soon. Web3 gaming world brings innovative games to the world. To make this more clear, the top three games from the video game company.

Blanko’s Block Party, for one, pushes the boundaries of innovation for players tasked with designing a creative experience for other players. They can design mini-games further to take the experience a little higher. Blanko’s Block Party also brings Blanksa vinyl-themed non-fungible token that can be purchased on various marketplaces.

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Project Red is the second NFT game on the list, with AAA graphics for the mafia-themed first-person shooter. The open world title offers a free-to-play experience. Players can purchase Mobster NFTs to gain a competitive edge and explore more opportunities within the virtual world of Project Red. Defimons is another game that Epic Games will add to its portfolio. The multiplayer title rolls out the experience of a creature adventure, allowing players to experience a set of exciting features in one title.

While NFT games is sure to offer an immersive experience to players, there is also speculation that it will encourage other companies to adopt blockchain technology and consider venturing into NFT gaming. As for Epic Games, it is preparing to make the experience available to all players worldwide.

New players can join the platform and keep an eye out for more information about the titles. Games will be added in the coming months; however, their information will be released in advance.

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