CryptoChronic launches its NFT collection

CryptoChronic launches its NFT collection

HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / 30 May 2023 / Today, Chronic Games Ltd announces the launch of the NFT collection from the groundbreaking video game, CryptoChronic, which will be held on Wednesday 31St May 2023.

After building a huge community following and great recognition, and enduring a long wait, the team at CryptoChronic is ready to release its Gen0 CyrptoChronics NFT collection, a compelling next-generation NFT collection that’s making a splash in the market. Starting at. 08:00 CET, Wednesday 31 MayStall CryptoChronic users will be able to mint Chronic NFTs directly from the game’s website,, at the competitive price of ETH 0.06. However, the lucky whitelist members will be able to get them at a 50% discount, for ETH 0.03. However, the offer only lasts for 6 hours, is limited to 5,040 NFTs, and there are very few places left on the list (on their website there is more information on how to apply).

More than static digital art, each Chronic is unique, with a distinctive character and backstory, embedded with utility, functionality and value that applies to both the virtual world and the real world. The design of CryptoChronic is the product of the famous artist and Cannabis evangelist Ivan Artucovich, designer and one-time art director of, creator of “Why? Why not?”, author of the cartoons “Hempathy, food for thought”, as well as an often compiled and referenced artist in the community. The end product is a visually arresting, undeniably fun and personally engaging collection of digital artworks, each embedded with layers of evolving game tools. The artist states, “combining my personal vision and individual style with NFTs for video games, together with Chronic Games we are uncovering the exciting future connections between digital art, Cannabis culture and immersive video gaming. The possibilities seem endless as we embrace these new technologies that bring us straight into the future and the Cannaverse”.

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All Chronic differs from other NFTs because they are the key to unlocking Cannaverse, the first truly free-to-earn ecosystem. Each Chronic is filled with a distinct personality, unique genetics, a proprietary name that sets it apart, and a host of game and battle mode stats that make it unique. However, Generation 0 CryptoChronic NFTs are even more than that. Not only are they fully compatible and integrated into the 4 game loops that take the user on an evolving gaming journey, but they are also limited in supply and imbued with ultra-rare stats and features, such as increased fertility, that will prove extremely valuable. in all layers of the game, and in the market. Generation 0 Series I Chronics will never be released again, and represents a unique opportunity to enter the Cannaverse at the moment before its popularity skyrockets, and with it token valuations.

Contact information:

Name: Marco Prinzi
Email: Send Email (
Organisation: Chronic Games Sarl

SOURCE: Cryptochronic

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