Chimpzee creates utility-based NFT Web3 project to fight climate change and save animals

Chimpzee creates utility-based NFT Web3 project to fight climate change and save animals

Chimpzee creates utility-based NFT Web3 project to fight climate change and save animals

The Web3 area is full of innovative and exciting projects that aim to revolutionize our society, economy, culture and beyond. However, only a few of them have a clear and compelling vision to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time: climate change and deforestation. That’s where Chimpzee comes into play.

Chimp (CHMPZ) is a revolutionary Web3 project that champions the conservation narrative. It is on a mission to tackle two of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges: deforestation and climate change. This new project has a clear goal of replanting and preserving wildlife, and its unique approach is already generating excitement among crypto investors and nature enthusiasts. In this piece, we’ll delve deeper into the exciting world of Chimpzee and explore why it’s poised for explosive growth in the next bull run.

Built in the heat of the Bear Market

The saying goes that “strong projects are built during bear markets.” In these times, there is often less hype and speculation in the market, which allows developers and entrepreneurs to focus on projects built to last and withstand the test of time in the market.

Despite the market conditions of 2023, the team behind Chimpzee continues to make progress in its mission to fight climate change, deforestation and animal extinction. The project’s unique approach of combining environmental protection and income generation has received considerable attention.

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Working with a leading NGO like OneTreePlanted and using The Giving Block’s platform to donate to charities using crypto has further strengthened its credibility, driving its mission to support animals and other species affected by climate change and deforestation. Recently, Chimpzee passed $500ki in the first pre-sale round and fulfilled the promises of OneTreePlanted and the WILD Foundation.

Community-centric ecosystem

A unique factor of the Chimpzee ecosystem is that it has a model that creates a rewarding experience for users. The core features of the Chimpzee ecosystem are its user-centric models, which include;

  • The Chimpzee Shop (Shop2Earn)
  • NFT Marketplace (Trade2Earn)
  • Zero-Tolerance Game (Play2Earn).

These features are all incentivized for users to benefit from the ecosystem. Users can earn free CHMPZ coins when shopping in the store, receive a share of trading fees from the NFT Marketplace, and earn rewards when playing the Zero Tolerance Game. These features will promote the participation of users, allowing the project to build a very strong community over time.

Passive income model

Another core feature of the Chimpzee ecosystem is its unique NFT passport. These NFTs primarily provide users with an opportunity to earn passive income and other exclusive rewards in the ecosystem. In addition, users can also make their passports unique by designing their own eco-focused NFTs and listing them on the platform to generate revenue out of it.

Grab CHMPZ before supplies run out

Investing in Chimpzee is a case in point achieve 3 goals with one bet. If you are interested in investing in a project that has the potential to have a meaningful impact on the environment while generating significant financial returns, you should definitely look in this direction. Chimpzee is more than just a project. It is a movement that invites everyone to join the fight for a greener and more sustainable future.

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The tokens are available on pre-sale at the moment. Just go to the presale website, click “Buy Now” and preorder tokens using ETH or USDT in your crypto wallet.

Will you join the Chimpzee Army and save the world together? Check out:

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