Axie Infinity Appstore Debut & Sky Mavis NFT Marketplace Launch

Axie Infinity Appstore Debut & Sky Mavis NFT Marketplace Launch

De-facto trailblazer for the NFT gaming market, Cloud Mavis, has rolled out a series of revolutionary new updates. All in the space of a few hours, it has dropped a stripped-down version of its Axie Infinity game on the Apple Appstore, while also rolling out its ‘Mavis Market’ NFT trading hub.

Axie Infinity NFT Battle Game debuts on Apple’s Appstore

As Axie Infinity looks to attract the widest possible market, it has launched a ‘lite’ version of the game ‘Axie Infinity: Origins’ on Apple’s Appstore. Essentially, it allows players from key regions in Asia and Latin America to access the game through the service. Through the application, players can enter the Axie Arena for free, with no NFT required, and immediately begin pulverizing their opposing cuddly axolotls.

Sky Mavis revealed that they have spent the last 2 years negotiating with the fruit-themed tech giant, resulting in some preferential terms. For the first time ever, Apple has agreed to allow players to import their existing NFTs into the application, while allowing them to trade their NFTs within the platform. However, it is currently unclear whether Apple’s astronomical 30% tax will apply.

Sky Mavis updates include the all-encompassing “Mavis Market”

Taking its gaming ambitions to the next logical stage, Sky Mavis has also launched ‘Mavis Market’, a generalized NFT marketplace for the Ronin ecosystem. This new trading hub will allow those operating within its cutting-edge infrastructure to trade digital assets primarily using the $RON management token. However, collectors can also make trades using $AXS, $SLP, $ETH and $USDC, with Ronin’s Katana DEX doing the conversion to $RON in the background.

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Mavis Market will provide games and projects operating on the game-optimized Ronin Blockchain a place to buy and sell NFTs. The new trading hub will take a fee of 2% of all transactions, as well as an additional 0.5% that will go directly to the Ronin coffers, marking the first time a blockchain has directly benefited from sales on an NFT marketplace. Furthermore, Mavis Market will guarantee royalties to creators at the protocol level, meaning there is no way for mercenary marketplaces to hijack NFTs on the Ronin blockchain.

To kick off their mighty new endeavor, Mavis Market has debuted 2 new NFT collections. Firstly, with Axie DoLL Sidekicks, companion characters for the survival game ‘Axie DoLL: Defenders of Lunacian Land’, and secondly, AxieChat Premium 2023 NFTs that unlock bonus content on the popular AxieChat podcast.

Following the latest major development in the Sky Mavis juggernaut, the $AXS token surged by nearly 10%, with $RON also registering a modest 4% gain.

Check out Mavis Market >> Here

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