Are NFTs worth it? – Avorak AI Rolls Out “True Utility” NFT Collection on Binance Smart Chain

Are NFTs worth it?  – Avorak AI Rolls Out “True Utility” NFT Collection on Binance Smart Chain

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) have been the subject of much discussion and controversy in recent months. However, the launch of Avorak AI’s True Utility NFT collection has taken the crypto world by storm, revolutionizing how investors and users view these digital assets.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are unique digital assets verified on the blockchain, making them unique and impossible to replicate. They are usually associated with digital art, virtual real estate and collectibles. Unlike fungible tokens, such as cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be exchanged on a one-to-one basis with another NFT. Each token has its distinct characteristics and value.

Are NFTs still popular?

NFTs have gained considerable popularity, with many high-profile sales making headlines. But as with any new market, there are concerns about its sustainability and long-term viability. Some see NFTs as a revolutionary way to monetize digital content and create new opportunities for artists and creators, while others see them as a speculative bubble about to burst. Nevertheless, NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the art world and are becoming increasingly significant, with more artists, musicians and creators jumping on the bandwagon.

Avorak Tools NFTs

Avorak AI has been making waves in the cryptocurrency market, with its ICO recently selling out phase 5, raising over $2.2 million. The project recently launched a unique NFT collection by combining the power of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and digital art. What sets Avorak’s NFT collection apart is that it offers significant utility and benefits to its owners.

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Owning an Avorak AI NFT guarantees a lifetime of free use of Avorak Trade. The Avorak Trade bot, just like all of Avorak’s AI solutions, has first-to-market features that make it stand out from other trading bots and APIs. Unlike many trading APIs or bots that are limited to specific assets or exchanges, the Avorak Trade bot offers a versatile solution that works across multiple asset classes and exchanges. Setting up and using the bot is simple and easy to use, as it only requires a command line input that can be programmed with a standard script. The bot also offers an extensive selection of indicators, which use overlays and alert systems to alert users to trend or pattern changes. With the automated API, users can execute trades automatically based on these indicators, making trading more efficient and convenient.

Additionally, Avorak AI NFT holders will receive 50 free images per month for two years and 50% off extra credit for life with Avorak Create, a cutting-edge AI-powered image creation tool. Avorak’s NFT holders will be awarded 10,000 words per month for free for two years and 50% off extra credit for life with Avorak Write, an AI-powered content generation tool. The NFT holders will also receive free VIP entry to the Avorak Conference (AvCon) in 2025, an event where industry leaders, investors and enthusiasts come together to discuss the future of AI and blockchain technology.

Users will also benefit from an increased allocation of revenue share based on the number of AVRK tokens in the same wallet as NFT, and this benefit extends to staked tokens, making it even more rewarding for investors. AVRK tokens are the credits to access Avorak’s AI solutions. 1 AVRK is currently selling for $0.235, with a 5% bonus on top in phase 6 of the ICO. Analysts suggest that AVRK’s price will increase sharply when it is released to the open market.

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How to get Avorak’s NFTs

Getting an Avorak AI NFT is easy. Visit the Avorak AI website and create a token purchase of at least $500. Complete the purchase of AVRK tokens and register your TXN number. Submit your TXN number to any of Avorak AI’s live support staff via the website, Telegram or Discord and provide the wallet address you want the NFT to be sent to. You can store Avorak AI NFT in your wallet and manage it using NFT management platforms like OpenSea.

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