Wildchain launches Genesis NFT Collection ‘Rewilding Savanna’ supporting wildlife conservation

Wildchain launches Genesis NFT Collection ‘Rewilding Savanna’ supporting wildlife conservation

Singapore, April 18, 2023 /AlexaBlockchain/ – Wildchain, a non-profit organization, is launching its Genesis NFT Collection: Rewilding Savanna on Earth Day, April 22, 2023, at 12:00 GMT!

The first 8 wildlife NFTs will be available for use on Wildchain’s marketplace, called Adoption center. Afterwards, regular drops will complete the exclusive Rewilding Savanna Genesis collection of 25 NFTs. Each of these special Savanna NFTs will be the #1 species of their kind, making them unique and exclusive.

Protect nature with Planet-Positive NFTs

Every adoption from this collection, and future ones, will generate a 10% royalty donation to wildlife conservation through Wildchain’s decentralized Crowdfunding platform (coming soon). Also, using Wildchain Celoa carbon negative blockchain, making minting their NFTs planet positive.

NFT collection tool

NFT tools for the Rewilding Savanna Collection include:

  • Digital Twinning: One wildlife NFT corresponds to one wild animal in the real world
  • Ongoing fundraising: Each adoption from this collection generates a 10% royalty that can be donated to conservation.
  • Game: Care for wildlife NFTs in Wildchain’s mobile game (coming soon)
  • Dynamic NFTs: As your animal grows up in the game, your NFT will change and update over time.
Wildchain NFT collection tool

Wildchain’s Genesis Collection NFT tools include digital twinning, fundraising, gaming and dynamic features.

About Wildchain
Wildchain is building three climate action tools that gamify conservation in a fun, transparent and innovative way: a game to influence mobile game, NFT collections with impact tools and Wildfund, a decentralized Crowdfunding platform.

Wildchain’s vision is a world full of wildlife where everyone knows the threats to nature. As a non-profit organization, they donate 100% of their profits to real conservation projects. Join the virtual conservation movement and take daily climate action to renew the world with Wildchain.

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Wildchain contact
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