Watch London Blockchain Conference Day 1 live

Watch London Blockchain Conference Day 1 live


It’s finally here! The London Blockchain Conference starts today at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, and you can be part of the experience from any corner of the world by live streaming it here.

In an industry full of hundreds of events each year dedicated entirely to the refrains of “we’re going to the moon” and “buy my token and get rich,” the London Blockchain Conference stands out as the ultimate event dedicated to showcasing the blockchain utility and its impact in the real world.

Today, some of the world’s foremost thought leaders in blockchain technology will take to the stage to discuss everything from Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to blockchain scaling and stablecoins.

At some point, speakers will focus on business applications of blockchain, including tokenization, data integrity, and how (and why) to integrate the technology into your business. The second phase will focus on the technical side, from simplifying the writing and reading of transactions on the chain to leveraging the Simplified Payment Verification (SPV).

Dr. Craig Wright will be among those taking to the stage on Day 1. He will be on the technical stage joining Britevue co-founder Connor Murray and BSV Blockchain Association’s Marcin Zarakowski to break down how to build a business with BSV.

Still, on the technical stage, Ela’s Digital CEO Brendan Lee will delve into how your business can leverage BSV, while BSV Blockchain Association’s Kevin Healy will talk about the basics of the Bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin wallet pioneers Lorien Gamaroff, co-founder and CEO of Centbee, and Lin Zheming, CEO of DotWallet, will discuss what to consider when developing a wallet.

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The business stage will be even more action-packed, with nChain’s Christen Ager-Hanssen discussing changing the world with a BSV-powered social impact business. Amazon Web Services’ head of the EMEA region, Alex Matsuo, will talk about how and when to integrate blockchain while Blarecast CEO Shem Booth-Spain will be part of a panel discussing the use of blockchain for data integrity.

Latif Ladid, a global leader in IPv6, will also be on the business stage with SLictionary’s Jack Pitts to talk about blockchain scalability. With some like Ethereum facing scaling bottlenecks for years and others like Solana sacrificing security in an elusive pursuit of scaling, the panel will discuss how BSV is the only blockchain network that scales infinitely and how this affects businesses.

NFTs, Web3, BSV Blockchain industry’s first stablecoin – Centi stablecoin – and more will also be in the spotlight on the business scene.

Day 1 of the London Blockchain Conference is simply impossible to miss. Live stream the event for free on Hopin here.

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