Viddli introduces NFT Glasses and eMTY Collector Leaderboard

Viddli introduces NFT Glasses and eMTY Collector Leaderboard

This new update aims to improve users’ experience and engagement with the dApp.

Viddli, a purpose-built social media dApp that rewards users for creating and viewing content, is excited to announce its latest update, which introduces two exciting features: NFT Glasses and the eMTY Collectors Leaderboard. These new features aim to improve the user experience and provide additional incentives for active participation in the Viddli community.

The NFT glasses feature is designed to give users a boost to their eMTY earning factors. By purchasing and equipping the NFT glasses, users can increase their earning potential, allowing them to accumulate eMTY tokens at an accelerated rate. This innovative feature adds a new layer of engagement and rewards for users, motivating them to explore and interact with Viddli’s diverse content ecosystem.

In addition, Viddli introduces the eMTY Collectors Leaderboard, a cross-platform ranking system that showcases the best eMTY collectors. This leaderboard allows users to track their progress and compare collection performance with others in the community. It promotes healthy competition among users and serves as a recognition platform for those who have shown exceptional dedication to building their eMTY collections.

“We are thrilled to introduce the NFT Glasses and eMTY Collectors Leaderboard to the Viddli community,” said Ismail Ramadan, Founder and CEO of Viddli. “These features are designed to further empower our users and add exciting new dimensions to their Viddli experience. We believe these updates will bring even more joy and reward to our growing community of content creators and viewers.”

The NFT glasses and eMTY Collectors Leaderboard are part of Viddli’s commitment to continuous innovation and delivering a unique and rewarding social media experience to users. The Viddli team remains dedicated to exploring new features and capabilities that improve user engagement, foster creativity, and strengthen the overall Viddli ecosystem.

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To experience the NFT glasses and participate in the eMTY Collectors Leaderboard, users can update the Viddli app to the latest version available on Apple Store and Google Play.

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