Upland reports to be a blockchain metaverse designed for mass markets with a mobile-first strategy and an inclusive economy

Upland reports to be a blockchain metaverse designed for mass markets with a mobile-first strategy and an inclusive economy
Upland reports to be a blockchain metaverse designed for mass markets with a mobile-first strategy and an inclusive economy

When Facebook announced that they changed their name to Meta Platforms Inc. META in October 2021, interest in the metaverse skyrocketed. A new internet era appeared on the horizon – one that aimed to merge real life with the digital realm in invisible ways.

But Facebook’s announcement is not a settlement in itself. Companies centered on metaverse technologies have apparently been brewing for years.

This includes Unity Software Inc. U and Fastly Inc. FSLY. Other companies, such as UplandMe, Inc. in Silicon Valley, are relatively new on the scene but are said to have made progress nonetheless.

Upland is a mobile-first blockchain metaverse that allows users to buy virtual properties based on real-world addresses, build on those properties to increase their value, and sell them to increase their virtual property portfolio. Upland says it is uniquely positioned to attract mass markets because its economy is built to be open and inclusive. Different levels of cost allow everyone to participate in real ownership, which in Upland is virtual real estate based on real addresses starting at 4,500 UPX ($4.50) and rising from there. The ultimate goal is to empower the user to play, create and participate in the economy because the gaming experience allows them to increase the value of the digital assets they own, which is real estate in Upland.

Perhaps unlike most metaverses available on the market, Upland is based on real life. The digital assets available through Upland reflect real-world properties, structures, cars and more. Upland reports that users are able to strategize and build entire neighborhoods with each other through the online metaverse and even unlock the potential to make money.

Upland says it aims to be a fully accessible branch of the metaverse by prioritizing simplicity and accessibility. With other metaverse platforms having land prices in the thousands of dollars, Upland’s properties start from as little as $4 to $5 for initial minting.

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As the platform continues to grow, Upland remains rooted in its core operating principles that benefit the community: play. Build. Serve. Connect.

Play: Users can become one of the first digital landowners in Upland by purchasing a virtual property mapped to a real-world address. They can even access special rewards by completing signature property collections, participating in daily treasure hunts and competing in live events.

Build: As in the real world, owning a property is only the beginning of establishing wealth on your property. Upland gives users the opportunity to develop and erect their own buildings of any kind on their properties. Structures are tied to the property they are built on. If the owner of the structure wishes to trade or sell their parcel of land in the future, their structure will be included in the sale. This follows the real logic; if you buy a plot of land with a building on it, you also take over the building. Additionally, just as there are high net worth neighborhoods in the real world, Upland community players have begun developing entire neighborhoods together to build community value by populating cities with fantastic looking structures.

Serve: Users can join an inclusive virtual economy with the opportunity to earn in the metaverse. Start by buying property with starter UPX (Upland’s digital currency), then earn returns on your properties and collect fees from visitors. This may sound like a familiar game, as Upland reports that the game is similar to Monopoly. You can also engage in more advanced real estate transactions, flipping some of your properties for profit on Upland’s free and open marketplace. There is also the opportunity to act on your entrepreneurial spirit, by becoming a business owner in Upland. Metaventures are player-owned and developed shops that they build in structures on their own properties, from which they can sell any assets they have accumulated through their Upland experience. The vision is to create thousands, if not millions of micro-entrepreneurs who will be able to earn their (partial) real income via the Upland platform alongside traditional brands and businesses who will have completely new ways of innovating at the intersection of the virtual and the real world.

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Connect: Socializing with other Uplanders is strongly encouraged, and while there is a competitive nature to buying up property and building your tycoon status, the Upland community is known to be very engaged and helpful to newcomers. While community conversations can be casual on Discord and Telegram, it’s mostly focused on learning and sharing game strategies. You can even join the Uplanders inside the metaverse’s virtual hangout.

Upland boasts a strategic play and earn economic model, seamlessly merging the exploration and future of the metaverse with the fun and entertainment of gaming. To date, players have reportedly earned a combined total of over $7 million through the Upland virtual metaverse. In 2021 alone, players reported anywhere from 600% to 1.6 million% increases in Upland net worth. Upland says it maintains a partnership with Tilia that allows users to sell their properties for US currency and deposit the proceeds directly into their PayPal accounts.

At a glance, Upland has:

  • Minted over 3 million real estate non-fungible tokens (NFT) with over 280,000 real estate owners
  • Helped players earn over $7 million combined
  • Recently launched its first car manufacturing brand MV Motors, where players will be able to race, design, manufacture and trade vehicles, which will have a wide range of uses across the Upland ecosystem and create an entirely new economy. Utilizing the portfolio of NFT cars, players can earn extra cash through activities such as transporting cargo, carpooling, racing through the open cities of Upland and more.
  • Collaboration with National Football League Players Association, #1 football club in Portugal FC Porto, Manguiera Samba School in Rio De Janeiro, Spirit and Hyperloop
  • Recently launched its first international city with Rio De Janeiro selling out 50,000 properties at a rate of 54 properties per second and 3,230 per minute in just a few hours
  • The collaboration with the Brazilian company Flex Interativa, owned by entrepreneur Fernando Godoy, to expand its operations in Brazil and build immersive 3D experiences in the metaverse, where brands will be able to start their journey with Blockchain .gamification and NFTs in a cost-effective and simplified manner.

Going forward, Upland reports that it plans to continue expanding internationally with more partners and larger cities, as well as introducing new features for cars, including carpooling, transportation, racing, and more player-owned and operated stores titled Metaventures. Metaventures will allow users to build and monetize their own brands in Upland, allowing them to create, produce, sell or even lend NFTs and in-game assets.

New users can now unlock a limited time offer of a start bonus of 6000 UPX, which is enough to take advantage of the new user benefit of the Fair Start Act to buy their first property. UPX is Upland’s in-game currency that players can use to purchase properties and other NFTs. Learn more here.

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