Unicorn Ultra introduces a new approach and presents Blockchain in a new way.

Unicorn Ultra introduces a new approach and presents Blockchain in a new way.


Unicorn Ultra introduces a new approach and presents Blockchain in a new way.

Singapore, Singapore, May 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Singapore City, Singapore –

In its latest development, Unicorn Ultra has taken advantage of changing market conditions to construct a strong ecosystem that helps builders.

By establishing a “startup holder”, Unicorn Ultra provides incubation, acceleration, investment and critical tools such as corporate strategy, branding and a specialized marketing team. It allows developers to focus solely on product development.

The launch of Unicorn Ultra’s Testnet is a big step forward in the project’s development. The U2U chain, which serves as the main infrastructure, the U2U wallet, a non-custodial crypto wallet, and the U2NFT marketplace have all been introduced on the Testnet. The testnet’s success is reflected in impressive numbers, with over 34 million transactions and 1.2 million wallet addresses logged.

The project has made significant investments in extensive technical publications and whitepapers. Unicorn Ultra’s transparent and well-documented methodology indicates its dedication to industry best practices and seeks useful feedback from the community to improve the project.

Furthermore, Unicorn Ultra is a full-fledged environment for building a layer-1 hybrid chain, with extensive support for centralized and decentralized projects. The basic infrastructure is the U2U chain, which has performance-optimized smart contracts. The open-source, proof-of-stake public ledger focuses on virtual voting to support network transactions, guaranteeing project developers a healthy and stable environment.

Unicorn Ultra intends to grow drunk


by developing new layer-2 solutions and protocols based on the U2U chain. Unicorn Ultra highlights itself as the optimal atmosphere to turn ideas into reality by diversifying technical components and attracting top technology expertise.

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Consequently, Unicorn Ultra emerges as a new business in the midst of the current market downturn. The community is invited to examine the project’s publicly available information, test the products and form an informed opinion.

About the company – Unicorn Ultra:

Unicorn Ultra is a pioneering blockchain ecosystem based on

Venture Builder

model. By providing extensive support and essential resources to builders, Unicorn Ultra is revolutionizing the process of developing and launching blockchain projects. Unicorn Ultra is poised to change the blockchain landscape with a commitment to transparency, a portfolio of actual products and a focus on establishing a robust layer-1 hybrid chain.

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