Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs Jump into the world of Reddit

Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs Jump into the world of Reddit

The recognized titan of the gaming world, Ubisoft, has unleashed Rabbis NFTs into the world of Reddit, which offers a humorous and exciting way for users to customize their profiles on the social media platform. First making their debut in the mid-2000s, these unusual-looking alien rabbit creatures have a huge history in the gaming world, most notably featuring in Nintendo’s much-loved Mario series. Now they are available as Polygon NFTs for all Reddit users to enjoy.

These “digital asset” designs range from grumpy knights holding a stamp to glorious unicorn bunnies proudly modeling a golden stamp. The stamp pays homage to previous Rabbids games by being the characters’ primary weapon. Reddit shared the exciting news on Twitter, adding a unique twist to Reddit’s already launched and well-received avatar experience.

Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs will probably have more weight than one initially thinks. In the past, Reddit users have shown a lot of enthusiasm for the social platform’s ‘Snoo’ NFT avatars that debuted in July 2022. The Snoo collectibles have issued over 13.5 million individual NFTs and have a comprehensive market capitalization of $330 million, to despite the fact that many digital assets are distributed to Reddit users as free. Accordingly, $32.6 million of these funds are through secondary sales, with a volume of approximately 300,000 transactions. In February, the NFTs saw over 4 million new mints in just two months.

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This isn’t the first time Ubisoft has dived into NFTs, albeit not without encountering a fair amount of disruption. Experimenting early with Tezo’s NFTs, critics were skeptical of the gaming giant’s first batch of digital assets in the game ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint’, with many citing concerns over fair access and environmental impact.

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Regardless of these roadblocks, Ubisoft is committed to exploiting and exploring the potential of NFT gaming. The company teamed up with Integral Reality Labs (IRL), giving birth to the successful Assassin’s Creed “Smart Collectibles” just weeks ago.

Ubisoft Rabbids NFTs confirm their progressive orientation and willingness to embrace digital ownership through blockchain technology, which represents an exciting future for gamers and the Reddit platform.

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