Ubisoft, no one is asking for NFT figures

Ubisoft, no one is asking for NFT figures

I’m so sick of hearing about NFTs and crypto nonsense in games and yet it continues. Companies like Square Enix and Ubisoft have continued to push blockchain-infused bullshit despite fan backlash. There is no discernible reason for them to do this, and yet they continue. Most recently, Ubisoft announced a series of limited-edition Assassin’s Creed Smart Collectibles that feature “digital souls.” The Twitter account for this Smart Collectibles seems to garner a lot of excited responses from crypto accounts, but the hidden responses reveal multitudes of fans vocally upset about Ubisoft’s latest NFT venture.

The site’s FAQ states that these collectibles differ from NFTs because they have physical and digital components, and that the physical component is linked to the same blockchain address as the digital ‘soul’ through Authentic Vision and NFC tags. The way it works is you buy a Pieces of Eden Pass, customize your digital soul attributes (which are just an outfit, weapon and pose) and they send you a 3D printed figure.


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Through the companion app, you can “awaken” your smart collectible, complete achievements, level up and “follow recipes” to create more smart collectibles. The higher the “rarity level”, the more traits you have access to, and it looks like you have to pay more for a higher level. I don’t know, it sounds like Peridot, but on the blockchain. When I buy figurines, they are to look nice on my shelf, not replicate themselves endlessly in an app.

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I don’t have a problem with unique figures – I personally wouldn’t buy one, but I can see why they appeal to people. I just don’t understand why it has to be on the blockchain. This could easily have been done without the involvement of a crypto wallet, but this is just another way Ubisoft is trying to cash in on a dying crypto industry. It’s strange that it insists on trying, because Ubisoft Quartz, its last foray into NFTs, failed miserably, making almost no money. It’s pretty clear that Ubisoft’s customers aren’t interested in any of the crypto nonsense they’re being fed, so who is Ubisoft doing this for? Nobody wants this. Only make figures in limited edition.

It’s not that people rage against NFTs because they are afraid of new technology. NFTs actively cause harm, from environmental damage to huge losses of money and a whole lot of fraud. We’ve all seen the horror stories and warnings of people who were told to put all their money into NFTs, did so, and then lost it all. It’s not that Ubisoft doesn’t know this, it just doesn’t care. It’s happy to keep pushing products from a long-dead, rightly stigmatized industry in an attempt to pad the bottom line even further.

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We shouldn’t be surprised – this is coming from one of the biggest culprits for stuffing their games with unnecessary grinding to try and squeeze more money out of their players with microtransactions. I’m all for innovation, but blockchain gaming is dead and it’s sad to see companies continue to beat this dead horse in an attempt to stand out from the competition while alienating the core player base. I want better from Ubisoft, but I know I won’t get it.

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