Tookey launches open source, free infrastructure for private key management

Tookey launches open source, free infrastructure for private key management


Barcelona, ​​Spain–(Newsfile Corp. – May 24, 2023) – Introducing Tookey, a groundbreaking innovation set to transform private key management in the blockchain industry. Tookey is making waves with its democratization of Multi-Party Computation Threshold Signature Scheme (MPC-TSS) technology, bringing an advanced solution, previously only available to top-tier financial institutions and high-volume exchanges, to a wider audience.

Democratizing Blockchain Security: Tookey Launches Open Source, Free Infrastructure for Private Key Management

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This significant shift in the blockchain landscape has been made possible thanks to a generous grant from Aave DAO, reflecting their commitment to decentralization and open source development.

Tookey offers a range of robust and adaptable solutions designed to meet the needs of diverse users, including individuals, developers, institutions and protocols. It paves the way for a number of new use cases, including enabling partial access to wallets for semi-trusted parties such as employees or servers, and eliminating the single point of failure in systems, thereby improving security and preventing malicious access to wallets.

The main points to note in Tookey:

  • Democratization of security: Tookey is committed to making this advanced key management technology available to everyone and offering improved security.

  • Open source and free: In keeping with Aave DAO’s ethos of decentralization and open source development, Tookey is available for anyone to use, adapt and build upon.

  • Programmable scenarios: This innovative feature allows users to establish different signature rules, simplify CI/CD pipeline automation, additional authorization requirements and more.

  • Seamless Hardhat integration: Developers working with Ethereum can easily integrate the Tookey infrastructure into their projects without changing a line of code, thanks to the Tookey Hardhat plugin.

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At the heart of Tookey’s architecture is the distributed private key, parts of which are securely stored on personal devices and/or encrypted vaults. Isolated managers participate in the signing process, creating a secure, efficient and highly adaptable solution for private key management.

The introduction of Tookey marks an important moment in the evolution of digital security. It means a big step towards making advanced private key management technology available to everyone. The team at Tookey sends their sincere gratitude to Aave DAO for their invaluable support in bringing this initiative to fruition.

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