These Nike sneakers don’t exist, but everyone wants them

These Nike sneakers don’t exist, but everyone wants them

Do you think NFTs are over? Nike doesn’t. The sports brand launched its new digital collectibles with the .Swoosh late last year and finally reveals its hand with the new Our Force 1 virtual sneakers. They don’t exist physically, but are becoming a collector’s item, just like the classic Nike Air Force 1 shoes. Just don’t call them NFTs. Confused?

Celebrating 50 years of Nike design, this digital collection goes back to the company’s beginnings and the 1970s Nike Manifesto, which was a blast to read. The Nike Air Force 1 Low has become one of the most iconic sneaker designs in history, and the new all-digital Our Force 1 champions that legacy for a new generation that only wants to wear them online in virtual spaces.

Like many other NFT releases, the launch of Our Force 1 is all about bragging rights and fundraising opportunities. Fans on Twitter are anxiously awaiting the drop, and Nike estimated there were around 330,000 signups. The launch comes in two parts, the Classic Remix sneaker boxes featuring sneakers based on designs from 1982 to 2006, and the New Wave boxes that ape designs after 2007.

Nike NFT;  nft trainers

These Our Force 1 sneakers don’t exist, but you want them (Image credit: Nike)

The Our Force 1 digital sneaker will be available on the Swoosh at a price of $19.82, a reference to the real Air Force 1’s original launch in 1982. Interestingly, Nike does not accept cryptocurrency as payment for its .Swoosh digital collectibles, signaling a breaking non-fungible tokens off the cryptocurrency roller coaster. (This is something NFT collectors have argued must happen ever since the NFT crash.)

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