The Zacks Blockchain Innovators Portfolio offers investment opportunities in cryptocurrency and blockchain stocks

The Zacks Blockchain Innovators Portfolio offers investment opportunities in cryptocurrency and blockchain stocks


As of 17 May 2023, CompoSecure (CMPO) is a well-known listed company. Investors can easily find the stock price on various financial websites, including Zacks. According to a recent Zacks News article, CompoSecure beat Q1 earnings and revenue estimates, which is good news for investors looking to invest in the company.

In addition to providing information on individual stocks, Zacks has also created a portfolio called Blockchain Innovators. This portfolio is focused on finding investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency-related stocks that are poised to break through. The portfolio is led by David Bartosiak, a Zacks analyst, targeting solid companies that provide chips and hardware, payment processing, cloud infrastructure and more to the blockchain movement.

While Zacks provides information on CompoSecure and also has a portfolio focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency-related stocks, it is unclear how these two pieces of information are related. Nonetheless, investors looking to invest in blockchain and cryptocurrency-related stocks can benefit from following Zacks’ Blockchain Innovators portfolio.

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The CMPO share opens higher with strong earnings and revenue growth in 2022

On May 17, 2023, CMPO stock opened at 7.40, up 2.2% from its previous close of 7.23. Today’s range was between 7.36 and 7.54, with a traded volume of 13,652 shares.

CMPO’s market capitalization is $564.4 million, and the company has experienced strong earnings growth over the past year. In 2022, the company’s earnings grew by 34.11%, and in 2023 they have grown by 12.41%.

The company’s revenue growth in 2022 was 41.25%, indicating that the company is experiencing significant growth in its commercial printing/forms industry.

CMPO has a P/E ratio of 7.3, indicating that the company’s stock is undervalued compared to its earnings. The price/sales ratio of 0.42 is also relatively low, which indicates that the company’s shares are undervalued in relation to earnings.

CMPO’s next reporting date is Aug 3, 2023, and the EPS forecast for the quarter is $0.25. The company’s annual revenue in 2022 was $378.5 million, with an annual profit of $18.7 million.

Overall, CMPO’s stock performance on May 17, 2023 was positive, with the stock opening higher than the previous close and experiencing a modest selection throughout the day. The company’s strong earnings and revenue growth in 2022 suggest that the company may continue to experience growth in the commercial printing/form industry.

CompoSecure Inc (CMPO) stock predicted to rise 103.80%: Buy rating from investment analysts

On May 17, 2023, CompoSecure Inc ( CMPO ) stock had a median target of $15.00, according to the four analysts that provide 12-month price forecasts. The high estimate was $16.00, while the low estimate was $10.00. This median estimate represented a significant increase of 103.80% from the last price of $7.36. The current consensus among the four polled investment analysts was to buy shares of CompoSecure Inc, which had held steady since May, when it was unchanged from a buy rating. CompoSecure Inc had reported earnings per share of $0.25 and sales of $100.7 million for the current quarter. These figures indicated that the company was performing well financially. Overall, the data suggested that CompoSecure Inc was a promising investment opportunity. However, investors should always conduct their own due diligence and carefully assess the risks before making investment decisions.

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