The Wolf of Wall Street movie launches NFT offering,

The Wolf of Wall Street movie launches NFT offering,

LONDON, April 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aventus, a provider of Web3 solutions for businesses, has partnered with the film rights holders of The Wolf of Wall Street and world-leading film producers and editors to create The Wolf of Wall Street Experience : a series with NFT drops that will also act as a key to unlocking wider parts of the experience.

With a worldwide box office of nearly $400 million, five Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, and a Guinness World Records entry for most profanity in a film, The Wolf of Wall Street’s impact on popular culture remains stable nearly a decade after its release, with memes of the film continue to generate millions of uses.

The Wolf of Wall Street Experience will give fans of the film and Web3 enthusiasts access to exclusive content, rewards and experiences via a series of limited NFT drops, including never-before-seen scenes from the making of the film, unlockable content, experiences, and limited access to an invitation-only event to celebrate the film’s anniversary.

The launch is planned for the second quarter of 2023, with additional benefits for early participants in the community.

The NFTs will be created by the carbon-neutral Aventus Network, which is a layer 1 (parachain) on Polkadot – meaning the project will leverage the full benefits of the Polkadot ecosystem, including improved scalability, speed, interoperability and security. It also means that NFT holders will be able to take full advantage of interoperability across more than 50 blockchains, including Ethereum.

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Alan Vey, founder and CEO of Aventus, commented: β€œThe Wolf of Wall Street is one of the most iconic films across not only popular culture more broadly, but specifically within the blockchain community. We are thrilled to bring this film to Web3 and be part of a historic moment for the industry as blockbusters become the latest sector to realize the benefits of NFTs in community building and engagement.”

Gavin Wood, founder of Polkadot & Ethereum, added: “Polkadot’s parachain ecosystem aims to help blockchains achieve their goals by providing improved scalability, security and interoperability, and it’s fantastic to see Aventus leveraging this support to enable this truly ground-breaking project.”

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