Supercharging Web3 Creatives with ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator

Supercharging Web3 Creatives with ChainGPT’s AI NFT Generator

With over 40 million monthly active users (MAUs), Chingari has become the go-to platform for content enthusiasts who want to express their creativity and get rewarded.


  • Chingari seized the opportunity of TikTok ban in India for massive growth.
  • The GARI Mining Program empowers creators and users with GARI tokens based on contribution points.
  • Exploring the integration of DeFi and rewards for trading activities.
  • Community-building features: Circle, Live Rooms and AI-powered content filtering.
  • Strategic partnerships enhance Chingari’s offering: Aptos, Wormhole, Onmeta, and
  • Chingari Ensures top security for user data and crypto assets.
  • The protocol educates users through the GARI Academy to enter more into the Web3 world.

Chingari: Empowering creators with crypto

Despite the ever-changing landscape of social media, where platforms rise and fall, one app is revolutionizing how users engage with content. Chingari, a short-form video sharing app, has emerged as a formidable contender, giving users a creative outlet to showcase their talents and connect with others.

However, Chingari’s journey took an unexpected turn when India banned TikTok in June 2020, citing national security concerns. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chingari was able to capitalize on the huge user base left in the wake of TikTok’s absence, catapulting downloads of the app to new heights. Currently boasting over 110 million downloads worldwide, Chingari has established itself as a formidable force in the realm of short-format video sharing.

But Chingari’s ambitions extend far beyond the realm of entertainment. In a groundbreaking move, the app has introduced the GARI Mining Program, an initiative pioneering the integration of cryptocurrencies into the social media landscape. With an estimated 40 million monthly average users set to benefit from this innovative program, Chingari aims to empower and elevate content creators like never before.

But what sets Chingari apart from the competition? To reveal the secrets behind its meteoric rise and delve into its pioneering initiatives, we sat down with Sumit Ghosh, Co-Founder and CEO of Chingari.

In our exclusive interview with Sumit Ghosh, we delve into the inspiration behind Chingari, its remarkable growth trajectory and its vision for the future. Join us as we explore the dynamic world of Chingari and discover how this visionary app is shaping the future of social media.

Q&A with the Chingari Chief

Competitive card video spaces and regulatory challenges

Questions. With the increasing competition in short video content, what is Chingari’s unique value proposition and how does it continue to differentiate itself from similar platforms?

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A: In a highly competitive short video landscape, Chingari has distinguished itself by being the only social app that rewards users with crypto tokens for engagement. Unlike traditional Web2 social media platforms, Chingari functions as a Web3 app, placing equal emphasis on both users and creators. While other major social media giants predominantly prioritize creators, Chingari stands out by offering GARI tokens to users for activities such as watching, liking and commenting on videos. This sets us apart from other social media platforms.

Q. Can you explain how the monetization aspect works for Chingari users, especially the points system based on video views? How does the process of exchanging points for money take place?

A: Chingari offers GARI tokens as a reward to its users and creators for their active participation on the platform. The distribution of GARI tokens is based on a calculation called contribution points, which takes into account the number of views and likes received by the creators’ videos. Similarly, users who engage with the content by liking, commenting and sharing videos earn tokens based on their contribution points.

The earned tokens can be sold in the app and receive the funds in their bank accounts. However, it is important to note that before withdrawing the earned tokens, users must complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process for verification purposes. Moreover, users can also trade the earned tokens on several exchanges such as Huobi,, Kucoin and Kraken, among others.

Q. Given the global nature of cryptocurrencies, how does Chingari plan to address regulatory challenges and ensure compliance with various jurisdictions while harnessing the potential of crypto technologies?

A: Chingari takes regulatory compliance seriously. We closely monitor and stay abreast of evolving regulations and ensure our operations comply with legal and compliance standards. By working closely with legal experts, we aim to meet any regulatory challenges and maintain compliance while harnessing the potential of crypto technologies.

Chingari’s potential integration of DeFi and user incentives

Q. How do you see the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) impacting the future of content monetization and user incentives in Chingari? Are there any plans to incorporate DeFi principles or explore partnerships with DeFi projects?

A: We are currently in the early stages of exploring the integration of decentralized finance (DeFi) for our super users who already understand it and can reap its benefits. As part of this exploration, we are also considering introducing rewards for users who engage in trading activities when DeFi is integrated in the future. Although these plans are still at a very preliminary stage, we are convinced that DeFi has the potential to significantly improve our platform.

Q. How has Chingari fostered a sense of community among its users? What steps have been taken to encourage platform interaction, collaboration and engagement?

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A: Chingari has created a thriving community by implementing engaging features that foster interaction and connection. One such feature is Circle, which allows users to form private groups and collaborate through shared updates, photos and videos. This interactive environment fosters deeper engagement and strengthens connections within the platform. In addition, Chingari offers Live Rooms and Audio Rooms, allowing users to actively participate in discussions and connect with their favorite creators, further enhancing the social experience on the app.

Q. What role does artificial intelligence play in Chingari’s content filtering algorithm and how do you ensure inappropriate content is immediately removed from the platform?

A: Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in Chingari’s content filtering algorithm. The platform uses AI algorithms to analyze and assess content for inappropriate or offensive content. These algorithms are designed to detect and flag potentially harmful or offensive content, such as explicit images, hate speech or violence.

To ensure immediate removal of inappropriate content, Chingari combines AI-powered filtering with human moderation. The flagged content is reviewed by a team of moderators who enforce community guidelines and guidelines set by Chingari. This combination of AI and human moderation helps maintain a safer user environment by quickly removing content that violates the platform’s guidelines.

Securing user data and assets

Q. Can you shed light on any strategic partnerships or collaborations Chingari has established to improve its offering or expand its reach? How do these alliances benefit Chingari and the user base?

A: Chingari has the collaboration with Aptos, a Layer1 blockchain, to improve its capabilities and become a multi-chain platform. This collaboration improves scalability and efficiency while supporting Solana-based users. We have also partnered with Wormhole for interoperability between Solana and Aptos blockchain.

In addition, Chingari has partnered with Onmeta to enable in-app trading of GARI tokens through UPI, simplifying the process for users. Cooperation with and allows Chingari users to use GARI tokens for booking travel tickets and shopping, expanding the utility for users. These partnerships have helped to expand the reach and generally improve the offering.

Q. Security is an overarching concern in the crypto space. What measures has Chingari taken to ensure the security of user data and crypto-assets, especially considering the integration of blockchain technology?

A: At Chingari, ensuring safety is our highest priority. We have dedicated experts in our technology team who focus on information security and perform thorough security testing for each release. In addition, we take the security of our smart contracts seriously by engaging reputable agencies to conduct audits. We also encourage responsible disclosure by offering bounties to individuals who identify and report security vulnerabilities.

Q. Cryptocurrency adoption is still in its early stages globally. How do you plan to educate and onboard Chingari’s user base on the benefits and utility of cryptocurrencies, and what role does Chingari envision playing in the broader crypto ecosystem?

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A: At Chingari, our goal is to educate our users about the long-term benefits of Web3 products. Through our GARI Academy, we offer educational resources on cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and their practical applications. We have introduced exciting features such as VNFTs, Quests and Staking to help users understand and engage with Web3 products. Our ultimate goal is to integrate more users into the Web3 world and provide them with knowledge and opportunities.

Embracing the creative economy

The interview with Chingari’s co-founder and CEO, Sumit Ghosh, has shed light on a remarkable app that is reshaping the social media landscape.

With its user-friendly interface and wide variety of features, Chingari has become a destination for those seeking entertainment and engagement. The Create-2-Earn, Watch-2-Earn and Engage-2-Earn programs are at the heart of Chingari’s ethos, ensuring creators and consumers are rewarded for their contributions. The platform’s 40 million monthly active users (MAU) stand as a testament to the app’s popularity and the genuine enthusiasm people have for its offerings.

Furthermore, Chingari’s commitment to diversity and localization sets it apart. The app supports over 20 languages, encompassing a wide range of cultures and empowering creators to express themselves in their native language. By strengthening its local content portfolio, Chingari aims to increase user engagement and provide a personalized experience to its growing user base.

What is Chingari:

Chingari is a video sharing mobile app. In these videos, users can add visual effects, lip-syncing, dance or voice-over movie scenes, and comedic dialogues. The company’s vision is to be the best of its short video sharing platform for its users. A new stage for blazing talents to show the world who you are by capturing flawless videos and sharing them in seconds. Express yourself, create amazing videos and connect with the content you love! We are a growing family that values ​​diversity by doing the right thing with precision, pace and passion to reach the fast-paced needs of modern Bharat.

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