SupDucks Launches Blockchain Battle Game Quetzal Returns on Ethereum

SupDucks Launches Blockchain Battle Game Quetzal Returns on Ethereum


SupDucks launches its new blockchain fighting game, Quetzal Returns, on Ethereum. The Quetzal Returns experience is open to everyone and is live now at

LOS ANGELES , May 29, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — SupDucks is proud to announce the launch of their new blockchain fighting game, Quetzal Returns, on Ethereum. Quetzal Returns was previewed to the public at VeeCon 2023 and was widely praised by Gary Vaynerchuk, Nick Adler and many others. The DuckGod activation at VeeCon featured a custom life-size replica of the DuckGod lair and introduced over 6,000 conventioneers to Quetzal Returns.

The Quetzal Returns gaming experience is open to everyone. To participate, users must obtain a DuckGod Clave which is free to create at


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Inspired by other blockchain fighting games like Cheese Wizards and Chainfaces Arena, Quetzal Returns has players fighting for a prize pool and the title of last frog. “This is truly an epic way to merge gaming and NFTs. We can’t wait for people to experience Quetzal Returns.” says King Stronk, CEO of MegaVolt Corp.

The prize pool for Quetzal Returns was seeded with 10 ETH by MegaVolt Corp and grows every time a player joins the game. To participate in Quetzal Returns, players will enlist a KingFrog to battle the Quetzal and pay an entry fee per frog.

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Players can increase their chances of victory by assembling their own frog army and purchasing in-game power-ups. Periodically, based on Ethereum blocks, Quetzal will eliminate a random number of KingFrogs until the last frog remains and Quetzal is defeated.

The game’s champion will be entitled to eternal glory, memorialization on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as a champion prize. The combat phase of Quetzal Returns is expected to last around 4 weeks and is currently in the preparation phase as players submit frogs.

Created and art directed by FrankyNines, Quetzal Returns recreates a key moment in SupDuck’s origin story, the story of DuckGod and his divine journey to create the SupDucks universe.

Players can join the battle at More information can be found at and via Twitter.

About MegaVolt Corp

MegaVolt Corp is a digital entertainment company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. MegaVolt Corp is the creator of beloved digital brands including SupDucks, KingFrogs, MegaToads and SlyCrocs. MegaVolt Corp is represented by WME and currently partners with Draft Kings, Magic Eden and Polygon.

About SupDucks

Launched on July 17, 2021 by MegaVolt Corp, SupDucks are 10,000 randomly generated NFTs. Each SupDuck, in addition to being an incredible piece of art, serves as a SupDucks community passport, granting its owner commercial IP rights, governance rights via SupDucks DAO, and more. Grab the duck at

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“This is truly an epic way to merge gaming and NFTs. We can’t wait for people to experience Quetzal Returns.”, King Stronk, CEO, MegaVolt Corp.

Media contact

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Rachel Wolchin, MegaVolt Corp, 1 (310) 430-1751, [email protected],

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