STEM Metaverse Leverages Blockchain Technology to Secure Ownership and Authenticity of Digital Assets: Ritika Amit Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, STEM Metaverse

STEM Metaverse Leverages Blockchain Technology to Secure Ownership and Authenticity of Digital Assets: Ritika Amit Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, STEM Metaverse


We sit down with Ritika Amit Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, STEM Metaverse to talk about how edutech has been growing at a steady pace in India and how STEM Metaverse is leveraging its solutions to bring meaningful change to society.

Updated June 7, 2023 | 17:33 IST

STEM Metaverse hosts a summer camp for kids; both virtual and offline

In addition to giving children access to specialized activities outside of the school environment, summer vacations are essential for instructors who need a break to design curriculum and classes. After a year of online studies due to the epidemic, parents are seeking entertaining and educational activities for their children. Fortunately, creative solutions are offered through edtech platforms both online and offline. A crucial component of this exposure is STEM-focused experiential learning activities such as robotics, programming and art. These activities can also help schools to find out if there is a need for them. Many schools work with active platforms and summer camps to include such activities in the curriculum. Kids can access STEM focused programs from us (STEM Metaverse) enables schools to incorporate summer camps online and offline.

Summer Camps: How edtech platforms enable schools to integrate summer camp facilities into their system

With software companies recognizing the unique ideas and experiences women bring to the sector, diversity in leadership is increasingly supported. While women have traditionally held leadership positions in the education sector, more women are moving into entrepreneurship and leadership positions in the technology sector. A summer camp for young people that combines the best of the online and offline worlds is organized by STEM Metaverse. The camp will introduce children (ages 8 to 18), through interactive games, workshops and augmented reality experiences, to the exciting world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). More students can gain specialized technical skills thanks to the diversity and STEM-oriented mindsets that men bring to the sector. Empowering students to realize their creative potential and embrace STEM education is strongly influenced by both men and women.

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Diversity Matters in Edtech Leadership, highlights the unique perspectives and experiences women can bring to the industry.

STEM Metaverse is a women-led startup, where the founders are IIT-IIM-MICA alumni. The team has a healthy mix of mothers with extensive teaching experience and youngsters with fresh ideas. We believe that, in order to develop solutions and technologies that are inclusive and tailored to the needs of many people, diversity is essential in the management of the edtech industry.

The core team has partnered with over 25 national and international organizations to provide STEM courses, content and products. From Vizag to Geneva, the team has courses from established organizations such as UNITAR-United Nations Institute for Training and Research, to former robotics engineers who have migrated to their hometowns in India. The underlying idea is that anyone who is good in their subject can teach students from all geographical areas.

The rise of women entrepreneurs in the edtech space: How are they enabling the transformation for Indian children?

“The future of technology is being built by people who refuse to accept the status quo and are determined to change the world,” said Ritika Amit Kumar.

The education sector has been predominantly occupied by women, especially in Tier 1 cities where it is female-dominated rather than male-dominated. Leadership roles in education have traditionally been held by women, illustrating the long-standing presence of female leadership. It is crucial to recognize the significant contributions women make in the STEM sector of education and their advancement to leadership positions is seen as a step towards diversity. STEM Metaverse is a platform that stands out for its approach to education. It goes beyond the traditional classroom setting and offers a comprehensive learning experience that nurtures young minds and fosters creativity.

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The NFT platform that encourages students to unleash their creative potential; STEM Metaverse

Kids are encouraged to be creative and entrepreneurial by using this NFT (non-fungible token) platform to produce and sell their virtual goods. Children must have access to STEM education, and summer camps and online communities have made it possible for more children to do so. STEM Metaverse is an innovative platform that uses NFTs to encourage students to explore their creativity and develop their skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The platform provides a virtual space for students to create, collaborate and showcase their work in a safe and supportive community. The use of NFTs on the STEM Metaverse enables students to own unique digital assets that represent their academic achievements and creative endeavors. These assets can be traded, sold or displayed on online marketplaces, allowing students to showcase their skills to potential employers and investors.

STEM Metaverse leverages the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain technology to ensure the ownership and authenticity of these digital assets. This provides a transparent and manipulation-proof overview of the student’s achievements, which can be easily verified by third parties. Overall, the STEM Metaverse provides a unique and engaging way for students to develop their STEM skills while exploring the potential of NFTs and blockchain technology.


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