Spielworks Partners With Polygon To Enable NFT Staking – EGamers.io

Spielworks Partners With Polygon To Enable NFT Staking – EGamers.io

In a significant development in the blockchain gaming sector, Spielworks, a premier blockchain startup, has integrated its game, “Dungeon Master”, with Polygon, a leading Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform. The alliance allows “Dungeon Master” users to deposit non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via Spielworks’ Wombat wallet.

Web3 Games and NFT Marketplace Join the integration

Wagering will be possible for NFTs coming from three major platforms, including Web3 game Blockchain Cuties, an expansive NFT collectible game, Planet IX, an NFT-powered GameFi strategy platform developed by Nibiru Software; and NeftyBlocks, a leading NFT marketplace offering premium tools for creating, releasing and gamifying NFTs. NeftyBlocks additionally operates on the WAX ​​network and its generative avatar NFTs are connected via a polygon bridge.

This development comes amid the growing popularity of Web3 games, which are introducing innovative monetization mechanisms to the cryptocurrency domain. Users can now gain real value through in-game NFTs, contributing to the industry’s rise in popularity.

Spielworks x Polygon NFT Staking Date

From 8 June, users of the Wombat wallet can stake NFTs from the three main polygon-based platforms. Spielworks’ own NFTs will also stand for stakes, giving users the opportunity to win various rewards, such as NFT packs, reward points and more.

Adrian Krion, CEO and co-founder of Spielworks highlighted the integration as an important step that will improve the community experience. He stated: “Integrating Polygon NFTs into the Wombat ecosystem is a major milestone that will enhance the community’s experience. NFT staking is becoming an increasingly sought-after feature in the Web3 gaming space because it provides a new and innovative way for players to leverage their assets to earn additional rewards. As a layer-2 blockchain that helps Ethereum’s scalability, Polygon plays a hugely important role in the Web3 gaming ecosystem, and these integration partnerships add even more value to the network.”

Spielworks has successfully established one of the fastest developing blockchain gaming ecosystems on the market. The ecosystem consists of its multi-chain Wombat Wallet, the crypto rewards platform Womplay with 40 AA and AAA backed titles, and the popular NFT stake game, Wombat Dungeon Master. The latter has seen over 1.5 million NFTs staked to date.

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