Space and Time adds blockchain data to Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace

Thanks to a new one-click deployment feature, Microsoft Azure Marketplace customers can now quickly integrate the Space and Time blockchain data warehouse with their existing enterprise infrastructure.

Launched as part of the “Startup with Chainlink” initiative supporting the development of Web3 startups, Space and Time leverages Chain link price oracle platform together with other sources to retrieve data from blockchain protocols, decentralized application (dapps), and off-chain systems with a goal of delivering enterprise-class use cases to smart contract applications.

Space and Time raised $20 million in a strategic funding round led by Microsoft’s M12 fund last year, meaning the company also enjoys unique access to artificial intelligence (AI) solutions as Azure is an exclusive cloud services provider to OpenAI, a Microsoft-backed AI research lab best known for its popular ChatGPT service.

“The need for verifiable data across blockchains, enterprises and AI has never been more important,” Space and Time CEO and co-founder Nate Holiday said in a statement accompanying the news. “We empower enterprises to integrate blockchain data into their applications and business processes, which is critical to both customer growth and enabling responsible data stewards.”

The company’s hybrid transactional and analytical data warehouse is free and comes preloaded with real-time indexed blockchain data, giving Azure customers a way to easily access, manage and perform analytics on blockchain-native data without sacrificing computing power or security.

In addition, it allows users to feed verifiable data into AI models for training, further expanding the capabilities of AI technology.

What is space and time?

Space and Time is Web3-native computing platform that seeks to bridge enterprise computing resources with blockchain and AI innovation through a protocol called Proof of SQL – a new form of cryptography designed to prove that the query computation was performed accurately and that both the query and data are confirmed tamper proof.

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According to the team, the protocol can be used in various areas of Web3, including decentralized finance (DeFi), where it promises to enable the creation of new, complex financial instruments on-chain, and GameFi, allowing end-game results and in-game events to be searched directly for smart contracts.

Space and Time’s integration with Azure also means that Microsoft’s cloud computing service, which already supports a number of other blockchain solutions, is one step closer to becoming a go-to cloud platform for building Web3 projects – an important development for the rapidly developing industry.

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