Senator Warren Bitcoin mining tweet called ‘disinformation’ by crypto community

Senator Warren Bitcoin mining tweet called ‘disinformation’ by crypto community

Several crypto stakeholders have described Senator Elizabeth Warren’s latest tweet about Bitcoin (BTC) mining activity as “disinformation.”

The Democratic senator agreed with a New York Times report that Bitcoin mining increased energy bills for Americans and caused as much pollution as 3.5 million cars.

Warren said she has repeatedly pointed out “the risk that Bitcoin poses to the power grid and our climate.” She urged the government to “require crypto miners to disclose their energy use and emissions.”

Several crypto experts have previously criticized the report cited by Warren. They described it as a hit that manipulated data to prove that Bitcoin mining activities were bad.

Crypto community reaction

The lawmaker’s statement generated strong reactions from the crypto community, which strongly rejected her claims.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor told the senator that Bitcoin miners do not create pollution and increase energy bills. Saylor added:

“They are data centers that run on excess electricity that would otherwise be wasted, performing the vital role of running the most secure computer network in the world.”

A climate activist Daniel Batten pointed out that “the increases in electricity prices in Texas are in line with increases across the US over that period. Nothing to do with Bitcoin mining.”

Bitcoin Lawyer Jane Adams answered that Bitcoin mining has no carbon emissions and reduces pollution by “using stranded assets and strengthening energy grids across the US”

Meanwhile, others were not so civil in their response as they accused the senator of spreading misinformation. Several others labeled Elon Musk to deal with the disinformation on the platform.

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Warren’s Anti-Crypto Stance

Senator Warren has a long history of anti-crypto stands. The senator has never missed an opportunity to criticize the industry and recently shared a plan to “build an anti-crypto army.”

Warren has also described Bitcoin as a volatile token with no value and called for the development of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

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