RENATUS ROBOTICS launches blockchain network “RENATUS NETWORK” to expand the automated warehouse economy

RENATUS ROBOTICS launches blockchain network “RENATUS NETWORK” to expand the automated warehouse economy

LEWES, Del., 31 March 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RENATUS ROBOTICS builds automated warehouse solutions worldwide for e-commerce and related industries where logistics are critical to operations and growth.

RENATUS’ automated robotic warehouse system differentiates itself from the competition by combining state-of-the-art hardware, software and algorithms to achieve world firsts, reduce worker workloads and unlock unprecedented productivity while remaining incredibly cost-effective.

Today, RENATUS ROBOTICS has launched its next-generation real-world asset (RWA) blockchain network, the “RENATUS NETWORK.” RENATUS NETWORK goes beyond a single logistics facility, creating a transcontinental network of warehouses and distribution centers. With its own token economy, RENATUS NETWORK aims to improve the capital efficiency of automated warehouses and expand its financial influence.


“Become the owner of a robotic warehouse by co-owning a state-of-the-art automated logistics facility.”

1.Token lending

By lending purchased tokens to logistics companies, token owners can earn recurring income.

2.1 token = 1 storage container

The small size of the securities enables high liquidity and token transactions can be made worldwide.

3.Scaling of storage size to the number of issued tokens

The more tokens sold, the larger the warehouse was built.


$CNTN (container token)

Token that splits the ownership of RENATUS automated warehouse as 1 $CNTN = 1 storage container. Earn recurring revenue by lending owned tokens to e-commerce or logistics companies that can use the storage container spaces for their logistics operations.

$RNTS (Renatus’ coin)

Token that can be used in the general RENATUS economy. Used to buy $CNTN. $RNTS can be obtained by buying on the “Token Sale Platform” or by working on a RENATUS automated warehouse.

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Buy $CNTN and become a robot warehouse owner by co-owning a state-of-the-art automated warehouse.

Earn income by lending $CNTN to companies that want to use the warehouse for their operations (APY: 25-42%).


Issuance of tokens is currently planned in the order of Allow List (AL) distribution, private sale, then public sale. Please follow the official Twitter account of RENATUS NETWORK for more information and the latest information.


  • RENATUS NETWORK official website

  • RENATUS ROBOTICS Inc. Official Website


RENATUS ROBOTICS is currently exploring fundraising opportunities. Interested investors can contact Yodai Takeuchi, Head of Global Operations on LinkedIn.

Media contact:
Yodai Takeuchi
+81 03-6822-6663
[email protected]

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