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Red Bull Doodle Art Collection guided by Burnt Toast |  NFT CULTURE |  NFT News |  Web3 culture

Exciting News: Vayner3, Red Bull and Burnt Toast Team Up for Groundbreaking NFT Art Program!

Get ready to be swept away by a wave of creative innovation! We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between Vayner3, the leading innovation consultancy, Red Bull, the energetic powerhouse, and acclaimed digital artist Burnt Toast for the Red Bull Doodle Art Program 2023.

In an innovative collaboration, Vayner3 has teamed up with Red Bull and popular digital artist Burnt Toast for the Red Bull Doodle Art Program 2023. This initiative has resulted in the creation of 61 unique NFTs as part of a mentoring program, with the aim of empowering a new generation of artists. The NFTs will go live on the Nifty Gateway during the competition’s World Finals in Amsterdam. Vayner3’s role has been to increase digital engagement and community participation by incorporating a Web3 layer into the program.

“When Red Bull approached us about integrating a Web3 team into their iconic Doodle Art program, we were beyond thrilled. Their exceptional team devised a meaningful way to honor their student creators by displaying the artwork of 61 world finalists on necklaces , which includes icons created by Burnt Toast, under the direct mentorship of the legendary Doodler himself.— Avery Akkinenipresident of Vayner3

Vayner3, with his sharp acumen, has served as an invaluable partner for Red Bull, injecting the iconic Doodle Art program with a vibrant Web3 layer. This initiative has resulted in the electrifying ‘Red Bull Doodle Art Collection curated by Burnt Toast’ – an exclusive collection of 61 digital artworks as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

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This brilliant collection is the product of the first ever mentoring program between the charismatic Burnt Toast and the inspired participants of the global Red Bull Doodle Art competition. Aiming to champion a new generation of artists, Red Bull has opened the creative gates for students and innovators worldwide, encouraging the exploration of their boundless imaginations through doodles.

The exclusive coin for these unique NFTs, a fascinating collaboration between Burnt Toast and the winners of the National Doodle Competition, is set to go live on Nifty Gateway this weekend. What makes it even more exciting is that the launch is scheduled to coincide with the competition’s world finals in the culturally rich city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

A glance into the collection reveals a rich selection of 61 NFTs created through the mentoring program between the groundbreaking Burnt Toast and the global Red Bull Doodle Art competition.

To add to the excitement, each of the 61 unique designs from the ‘Red Bull Doodle Art Collection guided by Burnt Toast’ is now available for purchase through the Nifty Gateway. These illustrations, each carefully embossed in an edition of 667, beautifully encapsulate the creative journey the artists took during this innovative mentoring program.

A unique incentive is also offered! If you purchase 61 issues during the primary sale, you are guaranteed to receive the full set of 61 distinct designs, which includes the winning design personally colored by Burnt Toast. This is an exceptional opportunity for art lovers and NFT collectors to own a piece of history and support these innovative artists.

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With a dazzling array of artistic talent, the collection includes works by artists such as Arnold Grami, Mariana Ana Ailen Barreto Velazquez, Tom Hadley, Sophia Wolff and many others. Each artist has brought their unique style and perspective to the competition, resulting in an amazing array of digital doodles that push the boundaries of creativity and expression.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a blockchain enthusiast, the ‘Red Bull Doodle Art Collection curated by Burnt Toast’ promises a unique blend of creativity, technology and community – truly a milestone in the NFT space!

Burnt Toast, alias of the brilliant Scott Martin, hails from Canada and has transformed from a diligent design studio worker to an internationally recognized digital artist. His influential Doodles collection of PFP (picture profile) art has made waves in the NFT space, fostering a culture that is both inclusive and pro-artist.

The Red Bull Doodle Art competition is a global stage that promotes emerging artists and invites creative minds to unleash their imaginations. With over 120,000 entries from around the world, 61 national winners were given the chance to incorporate Burnt Toast’s doodles into a new piece for the world finals in Amsterdam. These works will be exhibited as NFTs in a public gallery, where Burnt Toast and British artist Mr Doodle (Sam Cox) will select the global winner.

Join us on the exciting journey of artistic creativity, technological innovation and community engagement as we celebrate the power of collaboration in the NFT space!

So hold on to your hats, because this mix of creativity, technology and community is sure to blow your mind!

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Featured artists:

Arnold Grami, Mariana Ana Ailen Barreto Velazquez, Tom Hadley, Sophia Wolff, Fatma sofiyeva, Anastasia Arefyeva, Ian Garcia (Azyroh), Filip Andronik, Pellipe Aguiar, Viktoria Georgieva, Juan Gomez, Lorna Crnčec (Thee Steppenvarrieta), Anastasia Lenkawolf. brázdilová, Maja Birch Rasmussen, Raya Hussein, Kirke Mari Päll, Venla Eklund, Capucine Pourre, Elene Davitashvili, Laura Isabel Niemann, Scott Collier, Georgios Lionis (G-rage), Zsombor Batári (Azbe), Amal Nair, Vivianne Carcereri, Chiara Croce, Yoh Kato (JAPAN), Hala AlTaher, Karina Nigmetova, Joan MUEMA (KAVIKI), Nawaf Mattar, Elizabete Purina, Vytautas Rudys, Ibrahim Mazin, Julian Cini, Diana Vornicov, Hajdana Kostić, Jyoti Dhanpal, Jesse Leonard, Paul Hermann NIGERIA ), Petar Shulevski, Christoffer Bekkengen Henriksen, Aisha Al Bakry, Umer Nadeem Qureshi, Sheena Jacopo (PHILIPPINES), Katarzyna Kirylczuk (Kirylart), Pedro Ferreira Cunha Rodrigues, Giualia Andromache (ROMANIA), Matei Ram, Andrea Fašanková, Ž Fašanková Dylan, Carlos de la Cal, Christopher Dundeberg, Julia Hunziker, Shen Chia pin, Doğan Güneş, Ritu Poojari, Simon A. Young, Kamronbek Bokhodirov

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