Peter Schiff shocks crypto community after Bitcoin NFT announcement

Peter Schiff shocks crypto community after Bitcoin NFT announcement

Long time bitcoin hater Peter Schiff seems to finally have a change of heart that he announced to release an NFT collection on the Bitcoin network.

One of Bitcoin’s most vocal skeptics who has spent the last decade trying to convince Bitcoiners that BTC is worthless is bullish on Ordinals.

Economist and ardent supporter of gold unveiled a collaborative nonfungible token (NFT) Bitcoin art collection soon to be auctioned. Schiff’s announcement shocked the crypto community with his announcement to say the least.

The Crypto Community Reacts to Peter Schiff’s Announcement

Cryptp Twitter expressed shock and confusion at the economist’s announcement. Some even checked if his account was hacked as it was so hard to believe. Crypto founder Anthony Pompliano tweeted, “Welcome, Peter. We have been awaiting your arrival.” To which Schiff replied: “I haven’t arrived yet. But here’s your chance to buy something to commemorate what you hope will be the early days of Bitcoin, and its staunchest critic. If I’m wrong, these signed original prints may have much value one day.”

Peter Schiff says he is still not a member of the club

Even after announcing his entry into blockchain and bitcoin with his NFT collection, Schiff hasn’t completely changed his mind about the leading cryptocurrency. “This is art and it is a tribute to gold. But there is something here for Bitcoiners too. But I’m still not a member of that club,” tweeted Peter Schiff. When a twitter user asked if he thinks putting your gold inscription on bitcoin is valuable, but bitcoin itself is not valuable? Peter Schiff replied: “Correct.”

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Peter Schiff

According to Schiff’s announcement, the NFT collection in collaboration with Market Price includes the original “Golden Triumph” painting as well as a series of prints and ordinals inscribed on the bitcoin blockchain.

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