Passage Protocol partners with D2 to launch interactive NFT for Retail Conference

Passage Protocol partners with D2 to launch interactive NFT for Retail Conference

Passage Protocol, a software company that provides Web3 solutions for consumer-facing brands, is partnering with D2, a leading retail conference and exhibition organizer, to launch an interactive digital collectible (NFT) for attendees at the upcoming Retail Innovation Conference & Expo (RIS).

Running from June 13-15, RICE is part of the D2: Retail Edition event featuring over 100 sessions and 150+ speakers from some of the most prominent brands and retailers in the industry, such as General Mills, Coach, NBCUniversal , Liquid Death, Puma, Walmart, AT&T, Monster Energy, Walgreens and more.

The NFT, which was sent free to all registered D2/RICE attendees at the start of the conference, allows users to access exclusive content, join social communities and enter a raffle during the event. NFT will also develop as the conference progresses, reflecting the user’s involvement and activity.

NFT is powered by Passage Protocol’s Dynamic NFT API (DNA), a tool that enables brands to create customizable and programmable NFTs that can interact with various Web3 and Web2 platforms. Passage Protocol also offers other enterprise-class tools such as Tollbooth, a gateway for tokenized access and payments, and Fuze CDP, a customer data platform leveraging blockchain technology.

Much more than a collector’s item

Credit: Courtesy of Passage Protocol

Meral Arik, co-founder at Passage Protocol, said the partnership with D2 aims to explore the potential of Web3 concepts for brands and retailers. “As Passage is a sought-after expert in helping companies and brands bridge their digital strategies into Web3, it made sense for Passage to also offer Web3 infrastructure support during D2 and across conferences extending beyond 2023,” said she.

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Zac Choi, co-founder at Passage Protocol, added that NFT is more than just a collectible, but rather a unique touchpoint and reason to engage with the conference and its interactive content. He also said that Passage Protocol’s role extends beyond the one-off event at this year’s D2: Retail Edition conference, continuing in October at a soon-to-be-announced event, while also serving as a membership framework outside of the live event space.

“It’s about establishing real capabilities around important, emerging technology. For retailers, this means understanding that Web3 should be seen as a new, digital function – rather than a single mechanism or use case,” he said.

Passage Protocol has a deep history in consumer LTV strategy and data science, building modular, composable, highly extensible software that can be directly integrated into existing crypto and token mechanisms, as well as traditional off-chain systems inherent in loyalty and rewards programs.

“The days of just slapping a photo on an NFT and calling it a ‘membership pass’ are over. Instead, we encourage the communities we work with to think about how they can leverage Web3 to create more value for their customers and members,” said Choi.

You can register for D2: Retail Edition and RICE at

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