Ordinals Brings the NFT Industry to Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

Ordinals Brings the NFT Industry to Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

The Ordinals protocol has taken the Bitcoin world by storm. The new protocol quickly accumulates over 9,000,000 inscriptions and enables arbitrary data to be embedded on the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition to attracting attention from the NFT industry, Ordinals have led to a sharp increase in the fees required to send bitcoin, sparking new debate about how Bitcoin should deal with high-fee environments.

In a recent interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Farokh, founder of the Rug Radio platform and a well-known collector in the NFT industry, shared insights into the world of Bitcoin NFTs and his vision for the future of the Bitcoin inscription market. After reflecting on his own Bitcoin and NFT journey, Farokh acknowledged the initial confusion surrounding Bitcoin in 2012, given the lack of development and user-friendly platforms at the time. However, he highlighted the rapid growth and development of NFT platforms in 2021 and how that is reflected now in the context of Bitcoin NFT’s sudden rise in popularity.

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