OASYX unveils a new line of Virtua Fighter NFTs

OASYX unveils a new line of Virtua Fighter NFTs

The new series of Virtua Fighter NFTs will be overseen and developed by franchise creator, Yu Suzuki

Singapore–(Newsfile Corp. – March 16, 2023) – OASYX, an NFT project developed on the Oasys gaming blockchain and published by double jump.tokyo, today announces an exclusive partnership with SEGA’s iconic 3D fighting game franchise, Virtua Fighter. The collaboration spans the franchise’s first three games – Virtua Fighter, Virtua Fighter 2 and Virtua Fighter 3and is overseen by Yu Suzuki, the acclaimed and award-winning creator of Virtua Fighter.

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As part of the collaboration, fans can obtain limited edition “VF MAYU” (Japanese – 繭 or “cocoon”) NFTs, which will feature special Virtua Fighter characters, to be incubated and revealed in April 2023. A total of 1,000 “VF MAYU” NFTs will be made available, starting at 10,000 minted as part of OASYX’s first series of NFTs.

This series of NFTs will incorporate 11 characters from the first three Virtua Fighter games into the creative worlds of OASYX, creating a unique and exciting experience for both new and old fans of Virtua Fighter.

Yu Suzuki, creator, Virtua Fightersaid: “During my time as a director at SEGA, I first developed Virtua Fighter using innovative 3D computer graphics technology, which was groundbreaking and industry leading at the time. Since then, the Virtua Fighter series has grown to be loved by many gamers and continues to be supported by many fans today.”

Mr. Suzuki continues, “Through my work overseeing the development of OASYX’s unique worldview, I am excited to combine innovative technology in the form of blockchain-based NFTs, with three titles from the Virtua Fighter series to create new entertainment for a wide spectrum of gaming fans.”

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Further updates on the partnership will be made available on OASYX and Oasys official social channels.

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OASYX is an NFT project for players developed on the Oasys blockchain and published by doublejump.tokyo. Each series will work with a legendary game creator as a supervisor, with plans to further collaborate with various other NFT projects. OASYX provides extensive utility in the Oasys ecosystem, and will include additional collaborations with recognized game projects as they come onboard Oasys.

Suzuki will oversee the overall theme and art direction of OASYX’s first NFT series, along with GODTAIL, a multi-talented Japanese digital artist behind various anime-themed artwork and designs. The first series involves the distribution of 10,000 characters in a Free to Own format that will serve as a base for future Metaverse avatars. In subsequent series, OASYX intends to introduce a wider variety of NFTs with supplementary use cases, including new characters, fashion items, and in-game gadgets.

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Established in February 2022 to increase mainstream play-and-earn adoption, Oasys committed to partnering with 21 game and Web3 technology companies to serve as validators, such as Bandai Namco Research, SEGA, Ubisoft and Yield Guild Games. Led by a team of blockchain experts and teaming up with the biggest gaming company names to serve as the first validators, Oasys is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based blockchain.

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Focused on creating an ecosystem for players and developers to distribute and develop blockchain-based games, Oasys solves the problems game developers face when building games on the blockchain. The trifecta approach of the fastest network powered by the gaming community, a scalable network powered by AAA game developers and the blockchain that offers the best user experience with fast transactions and zero gas fees for users makes participants ready to enter Oasys and play.

Virtua Fighter

Virtua Fighter is widely considered to be the world’s first 3D fighting game, debuting in 1993. Over the years it has been recognized as a cultural and gaming masterpiece, and has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution.

The series continues to lead the fighting game genre today, with its latest release, “Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown,” launching in 2021.

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