NFT activity is down over 90%; will DigiToads trigger the demand?

NFT activity is down over 90%;  will DigiToads trigger the demand?

The blockchain industry has recently seen a significant slowdown in activity around non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, this narrative may be on the verge of a drastic change. This change may come from an unexpected corner of the cryptosphere, embodied by an amphibian king of the swamp – a toad, or more precisely, DigiToads. The memecoin in question is TOADS, a product of the DigiToads project.

So why are DigiToads a promising investment? At the heart of DigiToads is a strong, community-driven approach that aims to unite a devoted legion of toad enthusiasts, “ToadVestors”. The successful presale of TOADS is a testament to this dedication, raising more than $4.8 million with over 302.3 million tokens sold. This accounted for a staggering 90% of the presale tokens at $0.042 per token. But the DigiToads project isn’t just about raising funds; it’s about building an ecosystem that is resourceful, self-sufficient and above all resilient, much like the creature it mimics.

DigiToads (TOADS)

The DigiToads (TOADS) token operates under a model that emphasizes scarcity and self-efficacy. A fixed total supply of 585M TOADS exists, with a built-in deflation mechanism where a 2% token burn occurs on each transaction. This contributes to a constantly decreasing circulating supply, and thus creates a scarcity effect. This new approach to tokenomics, called “TOAD-KENOMICS”, aims to incentivize holding of TOADS tokens and their NFT counterparts.

The uniqueness of this memecoin is its inherent connection with NFTs. Each DigiToads NFT represents a unique virtual toad equipped with distinctive characteristics, strengths and abilities. Not only are these NFTs integrated into a vast and immersive gaming ecosystem, but they also act as economic mechanisms. This is demonstrated in the NFT staking pool, where each transaction adds 2% of its total value in TOADS tokens to reward staked TOADS NFTs, thus giving dedicated holders greater incentives.

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These elements, combined with creating a TOADS-ETH liquidity pool and the upcoming internal exchange platform, make TOADS a multi-faceted resource that transcends traditional memecoin dynamics. With the DigiToads project’s ambitions to expand its reach across multiple web3 platforms, TOADS aims to become a recognized currency in the digital realm.

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Why is NFT activity down?

The cryptocurrency market has been in a downward trend since November 2021, and this has had a knock-on effect on the NFT market, as many NFTs are bought and sold using cryptocurrency. There has been a huge influx of new NFT projects in recent months, leading to an oversupply of NFTs in the market. This has made it difficult for new projects to stand out, leading to lower prices for NFTs across the board.

Many of the early adopters of NFTs were attracted to the technology because of the potential for high returns. However, as the prices of NFTs have declined, many of these early adopters have lost interest. Many NFTs do not offer any real tools and this has made them less attractive to investors.

Nevertheless, here it is DigiToads the project shines. DigiToad’s approach provides a way forward by offering a unique gaming experience and linking financial incentives with their NFTs. The project’s pledge of 2.5% of all profits to charities focused on conserving the Amazon rainforest adds a sustainability factor to the model. This strengthens the project’s narrative and can stimulate demand in an otherwise slow NFT market.


Despite the current slowdown in NFT activity, projects like DigiToads are poised to stimulate interest. DigiToad’s unique integration of community engagement, gaming and finance makes it a versatile competitor in the cryptosphere. The NFT space is open and waiting for innovative projects like Digitoads that combine a unique blend of community focus, deflation mechanisms, immersive gaming and real-world impact to reignite investor interest.

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With the successful pre-sale already highlighting the trust of the community, the time has come to get started with Digitoads. As the crypto world continues to evolve, so will the need for projects that deliver on their promises, provide tangible value, and demonstrate a commitment to a cause beyond mere profit. Digitoads is poised to become one of these projects. Remember, the early TOADS catch the fly!

For more information on DigiToads, visit websitejoin the pre-sale, or join the society for regular updates.

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