Next generation NFT project, Nova-Dox launches new NFT Staking Collection

Next generation NFT project, Nova-Dox launches new NFT Staking Collection


Published May 26, 2023

Next generation NFT project, Nova-Dox launches new NFT Staking Collection

Nova-Dox, a next-generation NFT project leveraging self-supported and tested Ethereum trading software to generate rewards, has launched a new NFT staking pool. Aiming to simplify the project’s core offering, this product, although dependent on stake periods, will provide users with over 50% stake rewards. Nova-Dox is hedged against the US dollar, which means that profits will be paid out in USDT (Tether) stablecoin.

The new NFT stake collection is 444 uniquely designed and feature-rich NFTs that will increase stake rewards. According to the team, NFT owners can earn as much as 55% on rewards if they choose the 24-month staking option.

The Nova-Dox project

Nova-Dox is an NFT-based project where value increases are not dependent on core determinants such as rarity and popularity. But an advanced trading software. The software has been tested and proven to be able to increase NFT value, the prime case being the bear run of 2022. It induced a remarkable increase in profits even while the underlying asset scraped a 65% decrease in value.

Nova-Dox eliminates market value determinants and introduces a newfangled concept, advanced software. Developed by experts over an extensive 8-year period, this new and advanced trading software is exclusively used in the NFT space to drive value addition without popularity and uniqueness.

Nova-Dox prioritizes security and therefore the integration of advanced security functions. Apart from that, the trading software is super reliable and secure. The 2022 performance test is proof of its reliability and proof of the software’s capacity to handle an 80% market crash. And then a 100% market crash.

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Nova-Dox partnered with Deribit Exchange, the largest crypto options exchange in the world. This collaboration will see the next generation NFT project receive an administrator controlled account. This means that withdrawals must be verified manually by Deribit. This setup guarantees the safety of funds and is remarkably safer than trading individually. In addition, Nova-Dox has a single withdrawal address linked to a smart contract. And this ensures a seamless third-party audit for money distribution.

The effort collection and the reward

Nova-Dox’s stake pool consists of 444 stake NFTs with rewards reaching and exceeding 55%. If a user buys one of the NFT collections for 1.1 ETH when the value of Ether is $1800. The value of NFT is calculated as 1.1 X $1800 which equals $1980. After a wagering period of 24 months, the user receives 3096 USDT.

Nova-Dox covers unparalleled transaction fees, removing hidden costs. And after the entire staking period, the user receives both the rewards and the absolute ownership of the previously staked NFTs. The price of what a token holder can get for this collectible after the staking period is an additional bonus on top of the staking rewards.

Nova-Dox staking NFTs are an explicit blend of professional images of Tenerife – the location of the first dog paradise. It also features a vivid illustration of a dog (Jimmy) from an existing local shelter. Nova-Dox aims to increase and promote a more cohesive relationship between dogs and token holders.

The Nova-Dox Team

The Nova-Dox team consists of knowledgeable, experienced developers and experts led by George Vesters – a civil engineer with over ten years of experience as a project manager and statistician in flood defense. Nelle Jan van Veen (CTO and civil engineer), respectively Asad Zeeshan (CMO) and start-up specialists are also part of the team.

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About Nova-Dox

Nova-Dox is a next generation NFT project where an NFT price increase is dependent on trading software and not market factors. This NFT project aims to offer NFT holders amazing rewards, over 50%. Through the stake pool – a series of 444 NFTs – Nova-Dox will offer stake rewards and absolute ownership of NFTs.

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