Mobile Blockchain Social Game “Every Farm” marks its 1st anniversary with special events

Mobile Blockchain Social Game “Every Farm” marks its 1st anniversary with special events


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Introducing the 1st Anniversary Event and Operation Plans for “Every Farm”

Wemade Connect (CEO: Ho Dae Lee) introduced game service and management plans along with a variety of event content, to celebrate the first anniversary of the mobile blockchain social game “Every Farm” on May 26 (Korean time).

Until June 15, Every Farm is hosting five special events that users can dive into and receive special rewards. The events include the “Gathing King Contest” and the “Alchemy Contest”, where trophies will be awarded based on Gathering and Alchemy activities respectively. Players can receive special trophies from the “1st Anniversary Quest” to decorate their farms and can discover coupons from the “Treasure Hunt” event. In addition, the lucky draw offers “Rose Fountain Design.”

Along with the exciting news from the first anniversary event, Wemade Connect presents the plans for Every Farm which have been shaped by feedback and suggestions from the community. The game will soon have an improved in-game trading system, planned for implementation in the fourth quarter of this year. According to the company, Every Farm embodies the unique combination of agriculture and the benefits of blockchain technology. Players will be able to trade their manufactured goods, explore merchandising using NFT technology and connect with friends in an extended social network. With these improvements, the game aims to provide a more immersive and realistic management and financial experience for valued players.

A company representative stated: “In addition to the first-anniversary event, the game will introduce new strategies and initiatives to increase the production and use of FLERO tokens. We believe this will make it more fun for players to enjoy and engage with the game by improving it overall gaming experience.”

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Wemade Connect and Every Farm

Wemade Connect is a mobile game development and publishing company with a remarkable achievement of over 90 million global downloads for their games.

The company runs its own development team and subsidiaries that specialize in game development. Among their flagship games are “Everytown”, “My Secret Bistro” and “Abyssrium”. “Every Farm” is a game that inherits the successful services and content of “Everytown”, a highly recognized and popular social mobile game in Korea.

Developed with the integration of blockchain technology, Every Farm was officially launched in May 2022 through Wemix Play.

This enchanting game attracts players worldwide with its delightful mix of animated characters, captivating story, farm and restaurant management features, as well as a blockchain-based token system and social networking features.

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