MakersPlace to host Live AI Art Hackathon with Hackatao, Trevor Jones, more

MakersPlace to host Live AI Art Hackathon with Hackatao, Trevor Jones, more

As AI art tools continue to redefine how we think about creativity, expression and human interaction with technology, a growing number of artists are showcasing their processes, helping to educate millions around the world on how to best benefit from the democratization of these new creative resources.

MakersPlace takes this trend one step further. The NFT marketplace will host the AI ​​Art Hackathon at NFC Lisbon on June 7, 2023, according to information shared with nft now. Several artists will take part in the live creative process, including BLΛC, Illustrata, the artist DVK and DigitalCoy, who will collaborate with Trevor Jones, Hackathon, Coldieand Sasha Stiles to make 1/1 piece that will be auctioned at MakersPlace on June 15th.

Pulling back the curtain on the artistic process

The hackathon follows the launch of MakersPlace’s AI Generative Art category and will see BLC, Illustrated, DVK the artistand TheDigitalCoy create pieces by taking inspiration from a Stiles poem, the theme of which will be revealed 24 hours before the event and then made available for purchase on MakersPlace and via a CC0 usage license. By creating their work in real-time, attendees will have the chance to see first-hand artists using AI as a collaborative tool.

“We’ve seen significant developments in AI-generated art, which have blossomed into culture-changing leaps in capability and accessibility,” Kayvan Ghaffari, legal counsel at MakersPlace, said in a press release shared with nft now.

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“As presenters of the world’s first AI Art Hackathon, we aim to pull back the curtain and showcase the unique creativity, skill and artistic vision behind this new art form. We want to show that AI art is deeply human and can have a soul – that ‘AI art’ is indeed art.”

Credits: Trevor Jones, DVK the Artist,

During the hackathon, renowned Web3 artists Jones and Hackatao will introduce an element of surprise to the artists by providing them with “mysterious artifacts” in an effort to force the artists to think on their feet. These items will be sold as limited edition NFTs during NFC Lisbon, with Jones and Hackatao listed as collaborators.

Dispelling misconceptions about artificial intelligence

Award-winning digital artist Coldie, who specializes in stereoscopic 3D art, will also play a role in the AI ​​Art Hackathon. By combining the participating artists’ works into a single collage using Artmatr’s proprietary MATR robot, Coldie will transform the artists’ works into robot-painted physical pieces. He will then blend the paintings into a one-of-a-kind physical artwork with the signatures of Coldie, Jones and each of the participating artists. Finally, Coldie will remix the artists’ physical 1/1s to create digital stereoscopic ‘phygital’ works that will go on sale sometime in late summer.

“The opportunity to transform AI art with crypto art legends Trevor Jones and Hackatao is an honor,” said Coldie in the press release announcing the hackathon. “MakersPlace cultivates a healthy culture of experimentation and collaboration that is exciting to be a part of.”

The artists participating in the live creation process are equally excited to have a chance to show participants what goes into a creative exercise involving AI art tools, especially if that process reveals to people that creating art with AI goes far beyond enter words into an interface.

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“With the help of AI, our imagination becomes the driver of success, not the tools or the processes.”

The Digitalcoy

“I’m very open to sharing my creative process because I want more people to create interesting art that tells a unique story,” said TheDigitalCoy while speaking to nft now. “With the help of artificial intelligence, our imagination becomes the driver of our success, not the tools or the processes. And the blockchain serves as proof of who did something first and who developed a certain style and approach to storytelling. Armed with these two things, I believe artists cannot be afraid to share. In my case, I’m happy to be able to teach people because I’m curious to see what they want to create.”

Argus thinks. Credit: TheDigitalCoy

Similarly, the artists in the hackathon hope to emphasize the inclusive nature of AI art tools, noting that their development and widespread diffusion are things to be praised, not criticized.

“A common misconception is that AI is a robot that paints a picture all by itself,” Illustrata explained while speaking to nft now. “But it’s more like an extension of the artist—a tool that helps bring our ideas to life. We’re there every step of the way, shaping the input, iterating on ideas and curating the results. Plus, AI is a game-changer for inclusion in the arts, making creative expression accessible to more people than ever before, including those with disabilities or chronic illnesses.”

Collectors who purchase the open and limited editions of Sasha Stiles or the NFTs of the four artists collaborating with Trevor Jones and Hackatao will gain access to a host of perks and tools. These include entering a raffle to win Artmatr robot-painted physical works signed by one or more of the artists, a raffle to win a limited edition printed poster signed by one of the artists, a chance to win two tickets to Trevor Jones’s 2023 Castle Party, pre-sale access and exclusive pricing for future drops from AI artists DeltaSauce, DVK the artist, CharlesAI, 0009, Dehiscence and more.

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For those interested in exploring the plethora of AI art tools that enable artists to work in new and interesting ways, check out our list of some of the most notable, and be sure to catch up on our interviews with AI -art platform BrainDrops’ founder Justin Trimble and pioneering artist Claire Silver for more on the AI ​​art movement.

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