London Blockchain Conference Day 1 highlights: Monetization with blockchain

London Blockchain Conference Day 1 highlights: Monetization with blockchain


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Web3 is here – but are we equipped with the technology to exploit the potential of the Web3 world? The London Blockchain Conference, held at the Queen Elizabeth Center II in London, offers a detailed preview of what scalable and legal blockchain technology has to offer.

“There’s nothing about blockchain that makes them need separate regulations,” Ayre Group and CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre told the crowd in his opening remarks. “All existing laws already apply to all tokens on all platforms.”

Bringing government and businesses onto the blockchain

The London Blockchain Conference is designed to be blockchain agnostic, in that it is open to all blockchain platforms that can not only scale to enterprise and government levels, but also work within existing laws. But as Ayre points out, it is clear that there is no other platform that is committed to unlimited scaling – along with nanopayments and full compliance with the law – than the BSV blockchain.

“BSV is fixing the internet,” said Ayre. “With that said, this conference is about solutions to data problems – not about technology. We welcome all blockchains that can scale without limits, work within all existing laws and serve the needs of businesses and governments. If you can tick these boxes, we’d love to hear from you.”

Calvin Ayre opening speech LDNBC 2023

Shake things up with blockchain technology

Day 1 of the London Blockchain Conference highlights a key area in today’s data-driven world: monetization with blockchain technology. Conference chair and veteran tech journalist Lucy Hedges notes that the crucial component here is a blockchain that can handle massive transactions – an example being the recent record set by Vaionex when it generated over 86 million transactions on the BSV blockchain.

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How does this relate to Web3? As CEO Christen Ager-Hanssen of nChain Group tells the audience in his keynote address, entrepreneurs need to find the technology that can exploit the potential of the Web3 world.

“I guarantee this ecosystem will be worth $1 trillion,” he said. “No other blockchain can do what we do: security, scalability, efficiency and nanotransactions.”

Christen Ager-Hanssen on the LDNBC Stage

New location, new offers

Along with a new permanent home – London – the conference showcases a brand new lineup and some fresh offerings for both in-person and virtual attendees.

The London Blockchain Conference has two stages: the business strategy stage, with new sessions including an “Open Q&A” and “Spotlight On” the latest updates and offerings from blockchain companies including Elas, which is demonstrating its anti-counterfeiting product; mintBlue and its announcement to make data ownership possible for everyone via smart wearables; and Centi, which has teamed up with Centbee to bring money transfers from Switzerland to Africa.

Mohammad Jaber on stage and presents

Also on the ‘Spotlight On’ stage is UK-based financial services firm Tokenovate, which has partnered with fellow Brits ZERO13 to successfully implement the world’s first voluntary carbon credit derivatives (VCC) smart legal contract referencing 2022 ISDA Verified Carbon Credit Transactions. Definitions.

Keynote speakers for Day 1 include Kenneth Braithwaite, former US Secretary of the Navy, who talks about the importance of leadership, especially in businesses navigating the sea of ​​innovation. Proxima Media founder Ryan Kavanaugh also joins a panel with Rad NFTV’s Tony Mugavero and Brooklyn Earick discussing how the BSV blockchain is powering a new world of streaming with NFTs.

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Meanwhile, on the tech stage, Dr. Craig Wright opens Day 1 with a fireside talk talking about how Bitcoin is a one-sided contract and the obligations of the parties in the ecosystem under the terms of that contract.

Craig Wright on the LDNBC stage

Kevin Healy, Special Content Creator for the BSV Blockchain Association, talks about the basics of Bitcoin and the economics that drive it. There are still many misunderstandings about Bitcoin and what it was designed for, and Healy takes it back to basics to explain what the protocol is all about.

There’s also a technical discussion moderated by financial journalist Victoria Scholar, with Kurt Wuckert Jr., Thomas Giacomo and Pieter Den Dooven, tackling the need for businesses and users to have easy ways to read and write data to the blockchain. In a separate session, Centbee’s Lorien Gamaroff and DotWallet’s Lin Zheming talk about what it takes to create a wallet that draws the masses.

When we say “detailed” preview, we mean it

It’s only Day 1 of the London Blockchain Conference, but the event is already delivering on conference producer Calvin Ayre’s promise to offer “the world a detailed preview of everything that a scalable, legal blockchain has to offer.”

Watch Day 2 and Day 3 of the London Blockchain Conference live for free here.

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