Kraken launches promising NFT Marketplace

Kraken launches promising NFT Marketplace

Kraken, one of the world’s leading crypto platforms, has officially launched its own NFT marketplace. Kraken’s marketplace allows users to explore, collect and trade NFTs across multiple blockchains with zero gas fees* and native rarity rankings.

Kraken believes that the communities behind NFT projects are more important than the collectibles, and so the marketplace has concentrated on curating the most active NFT collections. The NFT collection consists of over 250 projects and is to be expanded further. Well-known NFTs such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club are included. Rare cult favorites such as Mfers and Cryp Toadz can also be traded on the platform.

Benefits of Kraken NFT Marketplace

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that represent everything from art and music to games and sports. They are powered by blockchain technology, which ensures their authenticity and scarcity. These digital collectibles have exploded in popularity in recent years as more creators and collectors discover their potential and value. Kraken aims to capture this market by offering unique features and benefits to patrons of digital art.

• Security: Kraken is known for its high security standards, which also applies to the NFT market. You can store your NFTs on Kraken’s platform with peace of mind knowing that they are protected by the most secure crypto platform in the world. Trivia: The Kraken has never had a major breach!

• Zero gas fees: Every transaction on a blockchain involves the payment of certain gas fees, which can vary depending on chain and network congestion. Sometimes these high gas fees can prevent collectors from purchasing an NFT. However, Kraken has introduced zero gas fees for buying and selling on the platform. But fees may apply when transferring assets from the stock exchange or marketplace.

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• Rarity Ratings: Rarity ratings are a way of measuring how rare an NFT is based on its unique combination of attributes. For example, an NFT with a rare color or shape may have a higher rarity rating than one with a common one. Rarity ratings can help you find and value your NFTs more easily. On the Kraken NFT Marketplace, you can access native rarity rankings for each NFT collection, based on publicly available information.

• Kraken NFT Marketplace allows you to pay for your NFTs with cash or crypto. This gives you more flexibility and options. You can also sell your NFTs for cash or crypto, depending on your preference.

• Kraken provides 24/7 support according to their website. Customers can choose to seek help via chat, phone or email.

The industry just keeps building

It’s nice to know that Kraken just keeps building, despite the R&D surrounding the space and exchanges. The NFT Marketplace will not only showcase curated NFT collections, but will also signify the resilience of the crypto industry.

NFTs have already demonstrated many use cases and their utility will increase as the technology evolves. Aside from representing assets in the real world, the features are already used to issue public documents such as subpoenas. Kraken’s user-friendly marketplace will undoubtedly help introduce NFTs to more consumers.

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Collections from the Kraken NFT Marketplace

**Gas fees will be incurred when transferring NFTs and other assets on and off the Kraken platform.

Source: Kraken

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