Is gaming about to be transformed by blockchain? Chancer announces crypto pre-sale and ambitious plans

Is gaming about to be transformed by blockchain?  Chancer announces crypto pre-sale and ambitious plans


Chancer (CHANCE) is a brand new name in the blockchain arena, with big plans to launch a unique and innovative online betting platform. The project aims to put power back into the hands of sports bettors by cutting out the need for bookmakers (or “the house”) to act as middlemen.

Early-stage investors are excited about the impending launch of new crypto token pre-sales, which could present a prime opportunity to reap great rewards before the end of 2023.

How will Chancer transform online gaming?

Chancer will offer a new online betting solution that harnesses the power of the blockchain while restoring the fun of online betting by improving the odds in players’ favor and removing the bookmaker altogether. Players will be able to make their own bets using the platform’s native CHANCE coin, which other users will be able to join in a P2P environment. This will allow social betting between friends and open the door to significant winnings during major global sporting events such as the Superbowl or the World Cup.

The Chancer platform will be completely decentralized, meaning that one player sets the odds instead of a third-party intermediary, such as a bookmaker on other online betting apps. As a result, players will have total control over the terms of each game, and others can choose whether or not to take the bet.

This new crypto upstart will allow players to host live streams of sporting events using Google’s WebRTC technology. In addition, players can reach people outside their social circle to create bets that can be rolled out globally and find more players to play against. With market moderators ensuring complete impartiality and fairness with games, players will be able to bet safe in the knowledge that all bets will be fulfilled.

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What makes CHANCE unique?

Instead of betting real world money, they would rather use the CHANCE token to place their bets. With the global betting industry worth more than $63 billion by 2022, Chancer has seen a huge opportunity to capitalize on the huge demand for the original CHANCE token. This could make Chancer a revolutionary online betting app, allowing it to appeal to a whole new audience.

Chancer will be the only decentralized predictive market app in the online betting sector, which can solve several problems and inefficiencies within traditional betting solutions. As a result, Chancer can grow tremendously in the coming years, mainly because it offers a fixed total supply of tokens and a natural demand for tokens from players.

The new crypto platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and will be assisted by an expected raise of $15 million from the pre-sale, which will launch at $0.01. The price will rise to $0.21 at the end of the 12-round presale event before going public.

CHANCE price forecast 2023

The online gaming industry has been a growth sector for several years and shows no signs of slowing down. With access to high-quality apps increasing all the time and growth expected to continue for years to come, CHANCE has a real opportunity to make a name for itself and become a transformative platform in the industry.

Blockchain technology is growing in the same way as online betting, but it can be challenging to find unique platforms in an increasingly saturated marketplace. This is where Chancer can take the stage. It will offer a completely decentralized value proposition within the blockchain and online betting sector. As a result, investors may flock to CHANCE during the new crypto presale, and some predict that CHANCE may break the $0.70 barrier by the end of 2023.

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CHANCE can be a tremendous long-term crypto investment opportunity

As well as being one of the most exciting new crypto projects available in 2023, Chancer looks set to become a leading light in both the blockchain and online betting sectors, offering players a fully decentralized platform to set their terms and take full autonomy of your gaming journeys.

For investors, there is a good chance to achieve significant returns by getting involved in exciting, innovative and unique projects as early as possible. Any investor who takes a chance on the token during the first phase of the presale event can end up with very impressive gains.

You can participate in the CHANCE pre-sale here.

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