“I dressed up as a kid to go undercover in the crypto world and sold a dog photo as an NFT for $20k”

Award-winning journalist Ian Halperin went undercover to lift the lid on the mysterious world of cryptocurrency and uncovered shocking details about the scale of deaths among the new crypto millionaires

Ian Halperin (left) went undercover in the crypto world to lift the lid on the mysterious industry

A journalist went “undercover” in the world of cryptocurrency to reveal the shocking scale of suspected murders and fake deaths among the new crypto elite.

After spending three years in the industry, which he described as “the Wild West”, Ian Halperin has said it is overflowing with “child millionaires” who were likely murdered or faked their own deaths.

The 58-year-old undercover journalist donned ‘baseball caps with crazy logos’ to fit in with the industry’s elite to research his new book – ‘Crypto Boy: Inside The Success, Sex, Dirty Money, Murder & Wild World of The Blockchain ‘ .

After being accepted into the industry’s inner circles, he even managed to sell a photograph of two dogs sleeping as an NFT for $20k to a crypto investor.

Ian Halperin went undercover for years in the cryptocurrency world

Murder and mayhem

The author said fears that many young millionaires making huge sums of money in crypto could have been murdered or faked their own deaths, estimating that there have been hundreds of mysterious deaths linked to the industry.

He told the Mirror: “That’s the one thing that scared me about my investigation, how many young millionaires ended up being murdered.”

Ian reveals prominent cases, including the “deaths” of Gerald Cotten, Mircea Popescu, Nikolai Mushegian and Autumn Radtke, in his latest book, that there are “very mysterious circumstances surrounding all their deaths”.

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