How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

Open sea is the premier and largest NFT marketplace in the decentralized space, co-founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in December 2017. Since its inception, OpenSea has represented a recognized brand at the forefront of Web3, promoting and facilitating seamless NFT creation (minting) and trade (buying and selling). To further establish and reinvigorate the engagement, OpenSea acquired Gem in April 2022, which it subsequently developed into the ‘OpenSea Pro’ marketplace in line with industry sentiment. Essentially, it presents users with a new pro-tuned framework with a powerful built-in aggregator.

What is OpenSea Pro?

OpenSea Pro is an NFT aggregator that allows users to discover and buy NFTs across multiple marketplaces seamlessly. The “Pro” tag means professional, which allows for improved flexible synchronization for all experienced users of different levels. OpenSea Pro aggregates NFTs from over 170 marketplaces and offers general features such as batch transfer, watchlist, up-to-date data and more.

In addition, OpenSea Pro also provides sophisticated features including:

Advanced orders

This feature gives OpenSea Pro users a touch of flexibility and customization. Users can customize the listing and buying experience to their preferences by placing orders based on characteristics, maximum price, number of items (NFT), market and more.

Swift sale at the best price

This allows Pro users to sell their NFT items for the best price by aggregating offers from multiple marketplaces and selling them to the highest bidder or offer.

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Optimized gas

OpenSea Pro uses an efficient gas-optimized smart contract to achieve this limited functionality, which allows users to quote and list NFTs from OpenSea Pro at 0% fees.

Real-time data across marketplaces

The platform, with its plethora of features, provides users with live data updates spanning various marketplaces. Users can stay informed about trend collections, trading volume, floor price, coin price, number of owners and listed NFTs across multiple marketplaces, all in real time.

Sophisticated portfolio management

This feature allows Pro users to manage their portfolios across multiple marketplaces seamlessly. They can seamlessly buy, sell and transfer NFT commodities to a variety of marketplaces.

Mobile compatibility

Compatible with mobile devices, OpenSea Pro extends the functionality of NFT collectors on the go!

How to use OpenSea Pro?

Using OpenSea Pro is easy; to get started, visit the homepage and connect a crypto wallet.

How to connect a wallet to OpenSea Pro

  • To connect a wallet, click the “Connect Wallet” tab in the upper right corner, as shown in the image below.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

  • When you try to connect the wallet, a notification tab will appear showing compatible wallets. We use MetaMask for this explanation.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

  • Click on the MetaMask or Preferred Wallet tab as indicated above. A notification will appear from the wallet; select the preferred account, click “Next” and the “Connect” tab on the next page.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

  • Afterwards, the OpenSea Pro page will appear, accompanied by a notification, allowing users to customize the interface view according to their preferences.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

Let’s select the Pro view. Users can also choose between dark or light mode before clicking “LFG!” to continue to the home page.

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How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

OpenSea Pro features and how to use them

  • The right corner of the home page shows the wallet balance (in ETH and USD), the wallet address and all past activities (minting, listing, etc.) Users can hide this panel by clicking on the double arrow in front of “Wallet” indicated below.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

  • Navigate the cursor to the left side of the home page using the OpenSea icon; the flexible tab expands and shows the function of each icon under the “Explore” tab.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

  • Clicking on the Market tab redirects to the aggregator page, displaying a trend collection list. Users can navigate to “Watchlist”, “Owned” or “Swipe” by clicking on each tab.
  • The trend list is a list of 100 popular collections along with their data.
  • The watchlist contains a list of collections the account holder follows. If there are none, click the “Explore Collections” tab to track any preferred collections.
  • The “owned” tab contains all NFTs that are owned
  • The “Sweeps” tab displays notable real-time transactions on OpenSea Pro.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

  • Clicking on the “Mint” icon will bring up a page with real-time coins happening on the Ethereum network.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

Users can click the “Mint Now” switch to display only mints mintable on OpenSea Pro.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

Back to the profile’s home page

  • The “Portfolio” tab displays your portfolio’s estimated data, including the collection value, total consumption, gas consumption, total sales, unsold gains, and sold gains.

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

  • The “collection value” is the estimated value of “owned” NFTs in ETH.
  • “Total Spend” is the total ETH spent on buying NFTs.
  • “Gas Spend” is the total ETH paid as gas fees for purchasing NFTs.
  • “Total Sale” is the total ETH for all NFT sales.
  • “Unsold gains” is the estimated profit of unsold NFTs in ETH.
  • “Sold gains” are the profits from sold NFTs.
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How to use the OpenSea Pro NFT Marketplace

  • The “Listings” tab displays live data for all listed NFTs. Listed NFTs are NFTs that are available for sale in the market.
  • The “Offers” tab shows all offers that have been made. However, only offers made on OpenSea are shown here.
  • The “Activity” tab shows the data for all events that have taken place on the account, including bought, sold, listed, transferred, minted, burned, bids made and canceled.
  • The “Save” icon at the top of the home page is an activity scorecard on OpenSea Pro. In contrast, the “question mark” icon can be used to request additional features, contact support, access new features, Discord and Twitter accounts.

OpenSea is a recognized NFT marketplace in the decentralized area. In its effort to continuously promote NFT with premium services and tools, OpenSea Pro was unveiled for professional and experienced NFT collectors. Similar to how OpenSea takes the top position among other marketplaces, OpenSea Pro also takes the top position among other NFT aggregators. OpenSea Pro currently supports 172 NFT marketplaces, including top marketplaces such as

  • Open sea
  • Origin NFT
  • Looks Weird
  • Coin base
  • Nftfy
  • art blocks,
  • Obscurity
  • Super rare
  • CryptoPunks
  • Rare
  • X2Y2
  • Sudoswap
  • Rarely etc.

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