How to buy Donald Trump NFT?

How to buy Donald Trump NFT?

He may well be one of the most divisive figures in American history and almost gravitationally in public discourse. Moreover, it was this status that made the arrival of President Donald Trump’s collection of non-fungible tokens so interesting. So, after their arrival and subsequent sale, we tell you how to buy a Donald Trump NFT.

The digital cards containing different interpretations of the former US president were quite interesting. Also, the series of Trump digital trading cards was a must-have for some digital asset and NFT collectors.

The Donald Trump Collection

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First, let’s uncover exactly what the Donald Trump NFTs are before observing how we can acquire them. Trump announced these NFT trading cards in December 2022, to quite a rapturous reception. Subsequently, the assets were very successful in the first sale.

After the original announcement, the Trump NFT trading cards had actually sold out within the first 24 hours. Specifically, the limited edition cards were made available on the Polygon blockchain through the widely used OpenSea NFT marketplace.

These assets are essentially like any trading card collection. In particular, if you’ve ever collected baseball, football, or even Pokemon cards, these work the same way. The assets were intended to be collected and then traded. Meanwhile, each maintains its own identifiable mark confirming ownership of the asset.

Trump first announced the collection with an initial wave of cards. They were then to portray the president in various artistic depictions. Mostly it is centered around Trump’s patriotism or status as the former President of the United States.

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Ultimately, the success of the first run led to the creation of a second series. However, they did not replicate the great success observed with the first cards. However, let’s discuss how you can buy a Donald Trump NFT.

Where can you buy them

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Because the Donald Trump NFT collection was sold out, you must purchase the assets from a secondary marketplace. Specifically, you must purchase them on secondary FNT marketplaces such as OpenSea. However, due to the sedentary nature of the asset, the price will deviate greatly from the original sale price.

Initially, the Donald Trump NFTS were sold for a price of $99 each. However, after the initial release, the assets quickly sold out. Thus, the price is a fluctuating number that changes as all digital assets do.

Currently, the floor price for a Trump NFT trading card is around 0.5 ETH. Specifically, this would equate to around $780 USD, a far cry from the original release price. In addition, there are 45,000 digital trading cards.

This means that the entire collection is valued at more than $33,750,000. That price can also change as the market continually adjusts itself. However, the acquisition of digital cards today leaves you without one of the collection’s greatest advantages.

The Trump Contest

Trump Says China Pushing World Off US Dollar Currency Standard Is Equivalent To America Losing A World War
Source: NBC News

Something that is no longer available is entering a specific Donald Trump contest. Specifically, the first purchase of the card would put the buyer in the running to win a number of different prizes. Chief among them was the chance to meet the man himself.

Among those prizes are a gala dinner with Trump, a visit to the Mar-A-Lago estate for a cocktail hour, an opportunity to play golf with the former president, or even a Zoom call with Trump. Other potential prizes include various hand-signed memorabilia and specially signed digital trading cards.

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Future price

Donald Trump launches second series of his NFT collection
Source: Mother Jones

Now that you know that it is still possible to get hold of the asset, it is interesting to see if it would be a positive investment. Specifically, how can the card increase or decrease in value? Although the future movement of the price is impossible to predict, it will certainly be linked to Trump’s personal and political relevance.

Specifically, if Donald Trump returns to the political sector, the demand for the collection will increase. Depending on the level of relevance, that demand will consequently have a positive effect on the value of the assets. Conversely, failure to return to political relevance will have a negative effect.

Ultimately, whether or not Trump can win the upcoming presidential election will have a massive impact on the price of digital assets. Thus, his decision to stand for election again has affected the price. How far he goes in this election will then determine how high the price can rise.

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