An NFT community brings together a group of people interested in collecting, trading, selling and creating a conversation around Non Fungible Tokens.

Art is about creating something beautiful that captures the interest of many. The works of successful artists often generate a community of followers who respect, collect and analyze their works.

Projects by artists with a strong community tend to attract interest from investors, fans and media alike. Therefore, it is important that artists build a community.

The importance of NFT community also extends to investors and NFT enthusiasts as it helps them identify NFTs with potentials in time.

How to Build NFT Crypto Community

Social media platforms and conversational mediums like Reddit and Discord give artists a chance to build a community. It also gives investors and NFT enthusiasts the opportunity to be part of a community.

There are steps creators can take to differentiate their work while also using social media to build a following.

Define your target audience

While art is universal, it is important to also note that it is esoteric. Therefore, the appreciation of an art differs depending on the audience.

The first step to building an NFT community is to understand the target audience for your work. Your work may appeal to gamers, Gen Z or Pop Culture fans. Identifying your audience will help you understand how to get their attention.

Set a vision

To build a community of loyal followers, there needs to be a clear vision of what you hope to achieve with NFT.

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Investors and crypto-enthusiasts like to see a compelling plan they can buy into, so having a clear plan is key to inspiring some confidence that will lead to a community overtime.

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There are several great artists trying to get their NFTs into the market, so it’s important that your work stands out.

Keeping your work unique requires that you have a distinct touch and an originality that makes your work special. Having a unique touch to your work will help gain the respect and admiration needed to build a community.

Select the appropriate channels

Social media is a powerful tool for building an NFT community, so it’s important that you choose the right platform that gives you direct access to your target audience.

Telegram has proven to be a popular platform for the crypto crowd. The fact that a Telegram group can contain a large number of people makes it a good place to create conversations around your NFT.

Twitter is a global platform for reaching all types of demographics. With Twitter, you can excite NFT and Crypto enthusiasts while giving them occasional updates.

Reddit tends to be the platform for people seeking a higher level of conversation. A Reddit following can do a lot for the reputation of an NFT. Discord has emerged as a solid platform for NFT creators to start a conversation.

Harnessing the power of social media to reach a wider demographic and keep your audience updated will help build a base of loyal followers.


Communities are not built overnight. For people to choose to be a part of something, they need to be excited, have the excitement maintained with clear plans, and there needs to be an accrual benefit.

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Consistency will help you inspire the confidence of investors and crypto enthusiasts. With consistency, you will gradually build a following across multiple platforms, and your future works will benefit from the foundation.

The bottom line

Art is about creating something worth sharing with an audience. And for the public, it’s a case of the more the merrier.

By being unique, having a clear vision, utilizing social media and consistency, you will be able to build a strong NFT community.

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