develops blockchain based social media with EVM wallet integration develops blockchain based social media with EVM wallet integration

[gpt3]rewrite, the subsocial network chat app, improves appeal by integrating ethereum virtual machine (EVM) wallet compatibility, bridging the gap between traditional wallet users and those ready to embrace blockchain-based social media platforms., a chat application based on the subsocial network, has recently implemented Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) wallet compatibility, allowing users to communicate using their Ethereum identities while transferring cryptocurrency via Polygon.

Subsocial is a Polkadot parachain specially designed to suit social media applications. This recent integration allows users to link their Subsocial wallets to their EVM wallets, with the simple process of signing a transaction to confirm wallet ownership.

The development eliminates the necessity of having SUB tokens for user-to-user donations and provides a platform for users to authenticate their Ethereum identities in chat rooms.

The development team has planned future improvements to this integration, including the ability for NFT collections to be displayed to other users. This new feature is expected to attract new Web3 projects and expand its user base, as it provides a platform for over 70 chat rooms mainly focused on cryptocurrency-related discussions.

Zachary Edwards, CEO of Subsocial, shared that is targeting crypto projects as potential chat room sponsors. Unlike the conventional approach, allows the integration of chat groups directly into the development team’s website or application interface.

The unique feature aims to eliminate the traditional need to load a separate program to join the community, thereby improving the user experience.

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Overcoming challenges and competitive landscape

The main challenge to’s growth was the difficulty ethereum users faced in switching to the application due to incompatible wallet systems. In response, the team introduced a feature that allows users to create a Subsocial wallet directly from the app’s interface.

In addition, developers pay users’ gas fees through a smart contract, which can delegate signing privileges for a limited number of functions. is not alone in the fight to build an appealing platform for cryptocurrency projects. OpenChat, a chat application on the Internet computer network, is developing a similar feature that displays OpenChat chat rooms on a project’s website.

This budding trend among web3 companies strives to establish a blockchain-based social media app with a vision of mass adoption.

Bridging the gap

To summarize, the integration of Ethereum accounts and the improvement of the app’s usability have paved the way for several cryptocurrency projects to establish their communities on the platform.

The development provides a bridge for users accustomed to using wallets from EVM-based networks such as ethereum, Polygon and Avalanche, and those keen to participate in the rapidly growing sphere of blockchain-based social media platforms.

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