Fracton Protocol unveils hiBAKC, the latest fractional NFT on KuCoin By CoinEdition

Fracton Protocol unveils hiBAKC, the latest fractional NFT on KuCoin By CoinEdition

  • Fracton Protocol’s hiBAKC, the latest fractionalized NFT on Kucoin, achieved a 1100% price increase in its first day.
  • hiBAKC is the first BAKC fractional token and the 27th hiNFT listing on KuCoin.
  • KuCoin is also hosting a grand raffle with a prize pool of $50K and several blue-chip NFTs.

Fracton Protocol, in partnership with KuCoin, has unveiled its latest addition to the list of fractional NFTs with the introduction of hiBAKC. hiBAKC has already made waves in the market, achieving an astonishing 1100% price increase on its very first day of listing.

This new addition marks the first time a BAKC fractional token has been listed. Also, it is the 27th hiNFT on the growing list of NFT ETFs on KuCoin.

hiBAKC offers crypto exchange users the opportunity to engage with the Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) NFT Collection, dividing each NFT in the collection into 1,000,000 tokens. The introduction of hiBAKC to the Fracton Protocol ecosystem aims to democratize access to these digital assets by dividing them into affordable, fractional parts. The result was a resounding success as the token’s price rose by 1100% during the first day of trading.

KuCoin has also shared details of the fractionalized fungible token sale. As hiBAKC becomes available for trading on KuCoin, users will gain access to a variety of trading features, including advanced trading robots, an improved user interface, and the benefit of zero gas fees and reduced self-storage risk. Furthermore, each hiBAKC token can be purchased at 1/1,000,000 of the price of the original BAKC NFT.

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The partnership between KuCoin and Fracton Protocol aims to increase the liquidity of NFT assets and lower the investment threshold for retail users interested in participating in NFT investments. By fractionating NFTs, the Fracton protocol enables users to trade and invest in smaller portions of high-value NFTs, while ensuring transparency and security through on-chain transactions.

Fracton Protocol has brought investors into the hiNFT world. In less than 10 months, the NFT fractionalization infrastructure has achieved a lifetime trading volume of $3.3 billion for its hiNFTs on KuCoin and has locked millions of NFTs through secure smart contracts.

Furthermore, KuCoin is also hosting a grand lucky draw until June 1, with a prize pool of $50,000 and several blue-chip NFTs, including Doodles, Beanz and Mfers.

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